Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Last Night

It's really hard to fall asleep during the summer here or to be able to sleep at all. I don't know if it's because of the flat we are living in is just absorbing so much heat. I can't have the window open because it's to much traffic so you can't get any fresh air in. Tonight I woke up, then fell asleep, I woke up again, fell asleep and I started to dream that I was fighting with an eastern european man by the airport in Copenhagen (??) He went up to me asking for money which I didn't want to give him, he put up his guard and so did I. In the end I could never beat him up even if I tried to punch, it happens often in my dreams. I fight with someone but never manage to hit him/her. I associate it with the fact that I have never beaten anyone up, so I guess my body doesn't know the feeling and the reaction and I can therefore not experience it in my dreams. Suddenly I woke up hearing that a group of guys are fighting in the street just outside (what a coincidence with my dream!!) I sit up half asleep, run out to the living room and watch them from the balcony door. (You should know that when people fight here in London it's not just with hands and legs!) They left quickly though. So I had to run to the toilet, BANG and I walk straight in to the toilet door (well, it is dark because I don't want my eyes to wake up to much, a proper smash. AJJJJJJJJ - painful. I had to watch football on TV after that, had a bit of milk and then to bed again. I still couldn't fall asleep after this, but I don't know when I did it either.
Today I am tired!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Tuna salad with fried eggs for dinner tonight. Just waiting for Des to come in again, he's out running. If he doesn't come soon I'll start without him, I am hungry and It's so tasty with everything you want in a salad, cheese, olives, spinach tomatoes *yummy*
Only 20 minutes abdominal done today, I feel so weak, something must be wrong with me.
Whilst waiting for the dinner I am also waiting for my Ebay selling to end, BID PEOPLE BID. Yeaaahhhhh.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Back on Track

Ohh lalala. Im exhausted. After a 2 weeks break from any exercise as I've been ill with cold it was tough to start it off again today. It didn't make it better with over 30 degrees heat, even though I had all windows opened. I was very tired and I feel guilty that I didn't had more energy to give. But I know it will come. I have to give it a couple of days to really get back on track. Was about to make an omelette with chick peas but it turned out more like scramble eggs. Good with proteins.
Somone took a photo whilst I was streching

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Online shopping

I have passed this shoes plenty of times in New Look always thinking...hmm what kind of shoe is that? Nice or not nice? Today when I read my magazine they where in there and I think I fall in love a bit. So I am now browsing around thinking I should do some online shopping. I really want a new pair of wedge heels as it's more comfortable to walk in. The only thing is the colour, I don't like the bluish/grey colour, maybe the brown ones could be something.
What do you think, deal or no deal?

My day

I stayed in the park for a few hours before I went home to lay on my balcony. Drank juice, prepared lunch, listened to music and did cross words. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon. I've just come back from the supermarket - it was nice and cool in there by the freezer. This concrete jungle is boiling today. You can't breath. Got some lovely fruits from the market and now I am home again. I am sitting here with a hair masque, probably looking very funny. I'll make myself a hugh fruit salad with yoghurt and enjoy the magazine I bought. The rest of the evening will be very cosy.

Sun Lotion

Do you use Sun Lotion? If not, start to use it!! I know it's kind of "putting you off" because you think that you won't get tanned otherwise but that's not true. I know how it is, specially when you go to the beach - I never ever used to have any sun lotion on me, I didn't want to. It was all about getting as tan as possible and you really challenged your skin. The skin was absolutely frying. Can you imagine what damages it causes to the skin? I have realised that it is sooo important to use, I don't know if it's because the sun got stronger/dangerous with the years or if my skin is not exposed as much to the sun the last 3 years since I've been here in UK. I think it's a combination of both but I burn more easily now. Anyhow I want to protect myself and take care of my skin, you should too! You will still get tanned, it just takes a bit longer and you protect yourself from the strongest UV beams. It's a life long protection.

Hey Summer Day

Fabulous day and I can't stay in bed for long when I know it's fantastic weather outside. I have been tripping around here durning the morning organising our laundry, tidying up a bit, had breakfast and felt the breeze from the balcony door - Me like. I have planned to go down to the supermarket, get a magazine and some watermelon or other summery fruits, take the blanket, my bikini and go to the park. Just for an hour or so until the sun reaches the balcony here at home, then I can lay down here at home and listen to my Amy MacDonald on Spotify (Yes I have Spotify finally)
Sunday Morning in London

Good Night

I had a really good evening together with Oscar, Alex, Gabor, Lajos and Piotr in Camden. We had a couple of drinks in a pub and some chinese food. I don't like english pubs at all and find it very depressing, dark and stinky with no atmosphere... but with a good company it makes it easier and we where outside most of the time.We had such a laugh and you'll be sure you always have fun together with them. Thanks guys for a fun evening, even if I left early though. 
Im going to bed now im so tired after a full day in the sun (The sun makes you tired). 
Sleep tight sweethearts, I see you tomorrow.

Saturday, 26 June 2010


I am ready to shoot off to Camden to see some friends. It's a nice area if you just want a relaxing evening by the canal. There's a lot of things going on during the summer evenings there.  It's so sunny and will be lovely. I am already sweaty.

Right Now....

.....sun on my balcony. Water and dripping sweat on my belly.

Update: I am inside now, there's more days to com and I don't want to fry my skin.
Me and Des went to the park around lunch, me relaxing on the blanket and him running/doing his exercise. After we had picnic with grilled chicken, baguette, cheese and strawberries. I really need a shower now.

Glad Midsommar - Happy Midsummer Day

Ohh, Happy Midsummer  to you all, yes we do celebrate today as well so I am not too late in saying this. The sun is shining, it's warm what else can you ask for this day? Well, the food, the singing, the dancing, the cake and the sea. I have to buy strawberries today though, it's a must. Hope you had a nice day yesterday.

I went to see London Gay men Chorus yesterday with some girls from work. It was nice, a colleague was attending. It was lots of laughs, snacks and some drinks, a good Friday night.

Today I have head ace and heavy belly pain, let me see if I can get some Ibuprofen and some rest and get ready for this sunny Saturday.
Bisous, Puss - I see you a bit later.

We eat this
Dance around this cross we make of flowers, leaves and twigs.
(Some people dress up in these dresses)
We bind flowers and leave in our hair
We eat lots of strawberries and cream
& we drink lots of snaps (pure alcohol with a twist) either home made or bought.

A traditional Swedish Midsummer

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

An Office Rat's Lunch

It's very depressing sitting inside in an office all day when the sun is shining. The lovely time is on the lunch when you can go out and enjoy, fight with the rest of the office "peps" for a seat in the sun somewhere. Sweaty in your suit you're trying to soak up as much sun as you can, at least me. It's me and the sun.
It's interesting and fun so sit and watch everyone when they are eating, how they look, who they talk to and what they have in their little lunch boxes. This is typical lunch for most us office rats:
- Pizza
- Fish&Chips
- Subway
- Crisps & Sandwich
- Fatty pasta sallads

 - Tesco lunch meal
 - Sallad
 - Sushi
 - Food brought in own lunch box

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

More explosion

.......sitting calmy and reading different blogs, relaxing I think. The only thing I am doing despite that is boiling my lentils for dinner and suddenly it starts to smell.... I have burnt them as the water has disappeared!!!! Now it smells "burnt - popcorn - like - everywhere" here in the flat. Hilarious

Big City vs Country Side/The Coast

Arrrggghhh, I might be spoiled or lucky (call it what ever you want) to be brought up by the coast. Close to pure nature, animals, fresh air, cliffs, sand beach, islands and fantastic surroundings. I'm never gonna be a "down - town - girl". It's so warm today in London and I absolutely hate it. Everything with summer in a big city is awful. Concrete and buildings everywhere, no fresh air, bloody bus or transport links, the city is boiling and crowded, you have no where to escape, there's long queues everywhere and everyone smells sweat or dirt. It's disgusting. The only thing on the plus side is a summer evening when you have a lot of choices of bars/terraces and clubs to choose between. Well, in the end it's not like a summer evening by the coast where you can easily take your bike, picnic and bottle of rose in a basket and head of to the beach or a lovely green area to see the sunset. I got furious on the bus today home, all this hit me + I wore wrong clothes - to warm clothes. I thought I'd have a nerve breakdown and explode. I almost told my neighbour in the bus off and pushed myself out of the bus when I had enough, all sweaty and with tears in my throat.
To hell with Big City Summers, Take me to a summer at home.
Grimsholmen - Falkenberg
Skrea Strand - Falkenberg
The path down to Skrea Strand - Falkenberg

Monday, 21 June 2010

Host Host

Getting rid of the flu, usch it's not funny to talk and it's tickelish in my throat so you get cough attacks constantly. On my way home from work I thought that someone dropped white paint from any of the high buildings above,  splash splash splash...oh that's not very good I thought in the same time as I walked through the rain of white paint when I realised it was SEAGEL POO!!!!!!!! It was a lot, my suit, jacket and bag got white and I had to stay stinky on the bus home. I felt more sorry for the others around though who caught more than me, I was lucky just to get  a bit.

When I think about it know I am kind of fascinated that it doesn't happen more often, at least not to me. So lucky, can you imagine walking around and being worried about being pooed at. Well, we should be..worried I mean. These bloody birds just open up and let it go...NO MANNERS!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Blog Break

I've switched off for a while. I had a lot of things to organise and my sister and boyfriend have been here over a long weekend. They just left this morning, we really had a great great time, lots of laugh, foood, walking, shopping, chats etc. I am also sick, and I mean I am really ill. Over the weekend I lost my voice, my throat is absolutely destroyed, head is hurting, I am coughing so much I think I will rip my chest apart and my nose is blocked. I look like a ghost. I haven't been this bad in long. I normally have a very good immune system. I guess it's a combination of not resting while they where here over the weekend, it just got worst. I have to rest properly today and be treated like a princess.

Monday, 14 June 2010


Uff, since early morning my belly has been bloated like a little "preggy" belly. I ate my breakfast to quick this morning and that destroyed my whole day. That makes me stressed rest of the day in whatever I do. I need time in the morning to eat and relax otherwise my body is out of balanced. Then I have been soooo tired today. I am going to bed early tonight, I mean very early, a bowl of cereal some cuddle and I am ready to disappear into the world of dreams.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Life is beautiful

Sitting on the balcony with the sun in my face and wind in my hair. I am listening to Amy Macdonalds latest album A Curious thing. The cars hit the horn after Ghana's success in the game and I see people walking happily on the streets. A child is screaming of happiness and couples are having ice cream. The trees are green and the sky is blue. I can smell garlic bread. Life is beautiful.

Orchids afternoon

By midday I went out for a walk, I passed by a shopping centre near by where we lived. I popped into a garden shop and lucky me they had orchids on sale! Big colourful orchids in yellow, white, purple, white with dark spots, yellow with purple spots, white with green touch...yes there was almost everything. Me, who normally have difficulties to decide what I want (Even if it is red or yellow pepper in the shop) stood there looong time talking for myself, thinking, trying to find the nicest orchid with less flower and more buds. Finally I walked home with a white orchids with purple spots.
We've just been half-sleeping and watching football ever since I came back, in a while I'll prepare pizza for tonight and ice cream after *yummy*.

Amazing Voice

This girl has got a magic voice. Her voice makes you so relaxed and you can just dream away but in the same time you feel the reality. I remember I met her in my previous work place where she stayed. Back then I got to know her as a singer song writer but I had never heard about her. I googled her and listened to her on You Tube for the first time, I was in love with her voice and her lyrics.
Listen yourself to Amy Macdonald

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Football madness

England-USA match is on. It's madness here.
It's me, the game and my water bottle now. (I've been so thirty all day - had too much salt to eat?)
COME ON ENGLAND - let's do this.

Small diamonds

I absolutely love these shoes. The red & grey are my favourite. Even though I'd like a pair of each colour.

Johanna is exercising

Let's bring it on DAVINA! Some sweat and tears for the next hour and I'll see how long my back last

Back pain

It's only early morning and I have a bad back pain. Carried boxes of paper yesterday and I felt something went wrong in my back. Might be a nerve. I made a pair of jeans shorts out of an old pair of trashy jeans I had. Not too bad actually. I'll show you a bit later. I have to rest a little now, after I've been sitting in a position to long and then move.... it's a nightmare.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Morgan Heritage

I am alive

I am still alive even if my blog update has been bad lately. I need to find my way back.
The week passed quickly. It was mostly work, my new work out regime to the fitness dvds and a catch up with my dear Elsi. We had a smoothie on outside on a terrace a day in the week. First "terrace evening" for me this year I think. Even if the sun disappeared you still had that summer feeling of seeing the darkness arrive and then you started to get a little cold, but still enjoyed. It was really nice. By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELSI, it's her 25th today!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Johnny Cash

Laying in the sofa, having Johnny Cash singing in the background. He's such an amazing singer and his voice is magic. I am breathing the summer evening and enjoying his music.

Monday, 7 June 2010

1.5 hours pure fitness with Davina Mccall

You heard right, she was even in my living room!! 1.5 hour murder exercise with Davina Mccalls fitness dvd and I can hardly walk. I haven't been so sweat and tired in very long time, I haven't felt this shaky pain in my legs for a while like I did after this. I feel great. What a great exercise and I didn't have to spend a penny on any expensive gym card, the best thing is that you are at home. Don't worry you'll work out as hard as you would even if you're not in a gym. You get very motivated of the instructor on TV. (Thanks to Penny who let me borrow the dvd) Loved it. You work on every single muscle in your body and you can chose between different work out sessions a 20 minutes each:
Warm up
Cool down
Today I did the warm up, aerobics, legs and abdominals. I will try to alternate this dvd with my running. 
Legs on the sofa after a good meal and I am so happy and relaxed. 
Good Night

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday Evening

Spends in the sofa with a film & Magnum Almond ice cream. 

When we talk about ice cream, do you remember the Ice cream from GB glass called Tip Top? It was my favourite when I was little. It had a big chocolate ball in the middle of the vanilla ice cream and was covered with milk chocolate and crunchy bits. Unfortunately they stopped selling them and I could almost cry my eyes out of me. Now days I am not sure if it is back on the market as I have a feeling I had one of them not many summers ago. I can just hope.
TIP TOP my favourite ice cream at all time.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Me and my love have been in the park all day. With blanket, juice, nuts, snacks and music. It was very relaxing and lovely. It's been rally hot and sunny. The weather got worse though and we walked home, me with a few more freckles in my face.
A little power nap now, a shower and fruit shopping.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Holiday, examans, graduation & sun

This is a lovely time of the year. Many are having there examns at the moment, going through their graduation, it is summer holiday and it is time to just relax. I carry on working, all summer long. It doesn't seems to be any long summer vacation for me until middle of August. Congratulations to all of you who are looking forward to a well deserved long holiday. Congratulations to all I know (but I am unaware of - sorry I don't keep myself updated time is just flying by)) who graduate and are passing their final exams. Well done!
The traditional Swedish way of graduation when you are in your 18s-19s.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Renewing my Make Up bag

At the moment  I am renewing my make up bag - with this means a new spacious bag, swapping all old make up to new, get some new stuff in; brushes, eyeshadows, lipgloss etc. I just LOVE IT. Love to organise, love getting new fresh products in, love the bright summer colours
Every woman loves to feel gorgeous.
These 88 palettes should soon come home to me. I can't wait.




Workout done for today
I'm now cooking chicken stew with rice. What a woman I am! Well, my Darling deep cleaned the flat so I am nice and making him dinner...oh don't you think it's just for him. I am starving myself so it's for me too=)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The summer took a break

It's greyer than never before today. The rain is pissing down and already at 3pm it started to be dark kind of. I need a pair off cute wellies boots and I want a pair now.

There's so many nice ones now days, where can I buy a pair with cute pattern like these.