Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Last Night

It's really hard to fall asleep during the summer here or to be able to sleep at all. I don't know if it's because of the flat we are living in is just absorbing so much heat. I can't have the window open because it's to much traffic so you can't get any fresh air in. Tonight I woke up, then fell asleep, I woke up again, fell asleep and I started to dream that I was fighting with an eastern european man by the airport in Copenhagen (??) He went up to me asking for money which I didn't want to give him, he put up his guard and so did I. In the end I could never beat him up even if I tried to punch, it happens often in my dreams. I fight with someone but never manage to hit him/her. I associate it with the fact that I have never beaten anyone up, so I guess my body doesn't know the feeling and the reaction and I can therefore not experience it in my dreams. Suddenly I woke up hearing that a group of guys are fighting in the street just outside (what a coincidence with my dream!!) I sit up half asleep, run out to the living room and watch them from the balcony door. (You should know that when people fight here in London it's not just with hands and legs!) They left quickly though. So I had to run to the toilet, BANG and I walk straight in to the toilet door (well, it is dark because I don't want my eyes to wake up to much, a proper smash. AJJJJJJJJ - painful. I had to watch football on TV after that, had a bit of milk and then to bed again. I still couldn't fall asleep after this, but I don't know when I did it either.
Today I am tired!

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