Saturday, 31 July 2010

Oh what a Friday night

Started of with preparation at work and a glass of wine. We headed out to Vibe Bar for wine and lots of chatting. After this we went to The Chill, also in Brick Lane for MORE wine. Ohlala...I prefer The Chill bar though and it definitely live up to its name, lots of people, nice music and chill. However we only stayed for a while and took the tube in to West End. Another drink at another bar and then we spend the rest of the night at the club Jalouse. I thought it was a great club. One of the better I have ever been to.Worth trying if you go to London. Had a fab night all in all and your feet where screaming for help and release on the night bus home. Just like it should be (or not). Photos will come.

The highlight of the evening though is when we are waiting to get in just outside the club. I am chatting with the girls (in english to be mentioned) and there is a Swedish couple in front of us. They look at us from time to time or rather frequently actually. They've not noticed that I am Swedish. Then the guy turn to his girlfriend saying (in Swedish): Look at this girl behind us (me) she's full of botox in her lips. Can you see that, I mean do you see how much botox she's got? The girls says: Oh no it might not be some people just have big lips. The guy carry on in typical "Swedish Style" No, this is to much it's crazy how much botox she's got.
Hilarious, watch you back man, you never know who you're talking to or about... ;)

Friday, 30 July 2010

Right Career Choice?

I did a test over Internet the other day to find out what profession suits me and my personality the most. It was a questionare with about 35 questions from which you answered yes or no. In the end the resaults gave you a few options of career choices based on your answers. Can you guess what mine was?

Something with psykology
and a few others that I can't remember now.

Well, is it spot on or is it spot on?

Happy Birthday Vanessa

Tonight we're going out to celebrate Vanessas birthday. A few drinks at Zebrano Bar and then we might head off to a club. Who knows, only the evening will tell. I was actually thinking of doing my leaving do at Zebrano bar so it's good that I go there once before to actually see if I like it.
Have a great start of the weekend and a god Friday night. I see you tomorrow.

Unbeliveable - and it's not a joke.

I just have to tell you these stories, listen now.

A girl at work got her phone disconnected and couldn't use it. She contacted her provider (in this case O2) to ask what the matter was. After investigation from O2:s side the lady over the phone says:
Well, you might want to listen to this as we've got the information that you are dead and no longer in life, that's why we disconnected your phone completely!!!! (obviously they got some form of database where they recieve different information)

WHAT THE H*LL???? Is this allowed to happen? I mean this absolutely incredible. What a mistake if they now where suppose to disconnect another dead persons phone. And just to hear these words: "We recieved information that you are dead" Oh, yes I am calling you from heaven now...I mean what? And I am telling you this is not a joke!! This happened.

Another thing that happened to the same girl at work just a few weeks ago. She went in to hospital to get her tonsils removed. Whilst she's there waiting they finally called her in the the room. And what happens then? Well, the doctors start to prepare her and an operation on her as RUTH!!!!! Another person, another case, another human... not her, not her tonsils! They had mixed up the journals. Can you imagine?? This even happened in a more wellknown private hospital (BUPA) not the normal lokal NHS clinic.

I couldn't believe it when I first heard it, I can't even find words to describe how utterly disgusting and horrible this is. People don't kow their jobs properly.
This is a pure example of how the British Government and society are runned.

Do you then understand how rubbish the structure & the service of the British Society is?

Thursday, 29 July 2010

See Coco Chanel!'s a beautiful film. 

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Another Ebay Item

Byt oh no... I regret it, I don't want to pay for the dress, I don't want the dress anymore. I saw a photo of the dress from someone else who sold the dress and you saw the dress "for real". I mean the dress always look stunning on the dolls, that's why I bought it and now when I saw the dress in real I didn't like it. I know it won't fit my body shape. Oh can I cancel the auction?? Please help...
I am not going to pay and then they can give as many negative comment they want. But I have contact the seller though. Hope it will be fine.

Venue in London

I am trying to find a venue for my Good Bye Party here in London. There's so many places to choose between so it's mad and I don't really know what I want. Or I know what I want but I don't know where this perfect place is!! Can anyone help me?
I am looking for: A funky, stylish, vibrant bar/bar-club), preferably with space to dance. Not to small place. Avrage prices in the bar, good music and atmosphere is very important. Any location is welcomed within "the central area". As City, Soho, Shoreditch, Mayfair, Covent Garden etc.

I don't like dark, depressing, traditional, smelly, english bars/pubs...well you should know by the description above =).

Do you know a good place? Feel welcome to get in touch with me.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Diamonds in the Clog family


Ohhh noooo i've poured the liquid from the tuna can on the kitchen floor, the cupboards and's smelly!! But my salad I am having now is to kill for, with hummus of course. Yummy yummy.
Come in here a little bit later and I'll show you my small diamonds.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Evening at ours

Was working out to Davina and had Ebay opened. One click later and I became owner of a new little dress. Unexpected, I thought someone would bid over me. Got more disappointed though when I didn't win another gorgeous one shoulder cream dress with detailing. I loved it, this was the dress I WANTED but I missed it with £1 pound.
I think I should leave the shopping for now and focus on something else for a while. 
Let me tip toe out to the kitchen and see if we've got some nice snacks to nibble on in front of TV.


... do you remember the shoes I talked about a few days ago, the once I touched, squeezed and tried on for ages but kindly put them back on the shelf again after minutes of thinking? I've got them now, they are laying here nicely in a bag next to me. They are my small diamonds.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

La Vie En Rose

Isn't it wonderful, I am running around here at home with Grace Jones sweet music so loud so my speakers will break and the neighbours must think I am crazy. Taking photos of myself (obviously!) and dancing. Let it all out, I am free. 

Did you know that I love dancing? And when I say love dancing - I mean LOVE dancing.

I am not dancing on my own...

....through life.

Lazy Afternoon

Listen to a lot of fantastic music, see the dark clouds gather outside, more and more. When the sun comes through Im running out on the balcony with my book. Lazy days are sometimes good, maybe one too many lately. I feel like my summer get a little waisted...
I'll start preparing dinner soon so I can surprise my Des when he comes home - chicken and spinach pie with sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese it is.

Thumbs Up

for this song...

Finding things to do

Anyone who wants to share a milkshake with me in this grey weather??

Saturday, 24 July 2010

School bag

Yes, I am looking for a school bag - It is time to get back to school. I feel like the little girl choosing my favourite bag for the first day in school - pink with it's not really the case now. Though I really need to find a proper nice bag where I can fit all my note books, computer, lunch and material. I will also travel from Falkenberg - Goteborg everyday so there need to be space for a little relaxing book or so as well.

My Saturday

Park chill, shopping, sun, book, cooking, love & happiness

Friday, 23 July 2010


Have enjoyed a nice dinner at ours, watching TV and doing nothing tonight. Weather is bad today or I should say worse than usual. I am so jealous of all you at home, what a summer feeling, holiday and summer evenings you have. Even though we've had good weather it is not the same here. I know I say this a lot.... This is the last time though. Promise. London is not that bad...=). I say good night to you all and will try to find more inspiration for tomorrow. Now - a film maybe? Puss

Thursday, 22 July 2010

TGI Friday

And so we reached another weekend. Looong day at work, finally after that I met up with Elena in the centre. We tried out a new place (or at least a new place for us) Leon. A bowl of chilli nuts and an energising smoothie later I took the tube home. For the first time I got panic in the underground. The tube stopped in a tunnel for a long time. It was hot and I realised that I couldn't escape anywhere. I got really scare and my heart raised and beat a hundred times quicker and I got dizzy. Finally the tube moved and I could relax. It's a horrible experience. Since that happened in a bus a few months ago I am really scared of collapsing etc. Transport, rush hour, heat and no water. It's dangerous.
Well, thanks good it's friday and weekend again. Oh me and Elena made some plans off things we have to do before I leave, it will be so nice. Now I'll carry on watching TV and cuddle my boy. Have a nice evening.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Name Day

I forgot to tell that today is my name day, in Sweden. I don't understand why they don't have name days here in UK?! My grand parents called and congratulate as always. They also invited us out for dinner. It's Margareta today and both my mum me and my sister share this name. Looking forward to this dinner when I am home. We've always celebrated or at least congratulated each other on the name day in my family, specially this day as we all share this name. I also have another name day tomorrow, it is celebration of the name Johanna. What do you think, should we celebrate name days?

A little Day Dream

Today I've mostly been sitting at my desk day dreaming a little. Day dreaming about what will happen the coming weeks, this autumn, winter, spring. I went out on my lunch and found an amazing pair of shoes I tried on and walked back and forth in the shop. Touched the material and felt gorgeous in them. I kindly put them back on the shelf and swallowed hard. Not for now - but... I think they have to come home with me anyway, not just yet. That gave me another thing to day dream about the rest of the afternoon.

Monday, 19 July 2010


No, you know what. I really just want to switch off everything now, pack, get away from work and all that has something to do with musts and needs. I want holiday, relax, sun, sea, shopping, ice cream, bbqs and just have the feeling that I can go to bed whenever I want and know that when I wake up I have just another day when I can do just what I want. But in my life now there's a lot of must and needs...

Sunday, 18 July 2010


I am off to see some friends, Have a nice Sunday evening.

Photo Rain - Friday Night

Restless Soul

I am restless, I need something to do, before I feel that my mind explode.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


You might understand what an idyllic little town this is

15:07 - our kitchen

My Des is always cooking with such a passion. He's changing pan after pan, looking for the right smell,  choose his ingredients, take his time, add spice after spice, taste and enjoy a real perfectionist in the kitchen. I mean what else can you expect for from a real francais?

to Buy or Not to Buy heart and eyes are saying buy Johanna brain is saying Johanna, think about your budget for the month and Im saying: Yes i want because it's sale and they are sooo damn gorgeous, i have to live a lot before I become a student.

Oh what a night...

Thanks Penny and Mira for a great Birthday Evening. Drinks and no food in my little stomach led to me being ready to go home at midnight though. It was fun, lots of dance, laughter and many photos. I've got to know so many fantastic people here in London, it's amazing and I am so happy and fortunate.
Photos of the night will come.....

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Confident Boost

I have got so many positive comments about my decision to move back to Sweden and my choice of studies. I am really happy for that. No one deserves to hear any criticism for what ever they choose to do in life and everyone chooses their on path, like we choose what to eat or what to wear. Some like archaeology, some politics, some nursing, some law etc. This is my path I have chosen and the industry is huge with many different directions, it is also an industry that has been growing and is growing massively – the beauty industry.

Many people I have met here have given me tips, shared their own experience, made me brainstorming a lot and have given me ideas. That’s what I call supportive and positive thinking. It gives you a real confident boost and that is sometimes something that we all need.

Sunday, 11 July 2010


I got this cute top from my little shopping trip this morning. Surprisingly no crowd and I made the most out of this morning when the clouds where gathering.
H&M has got Sale now like most of the other shops around in London. You might find some bargains, they've got a lot. I found this beautiful apricot top there.

Grab the day

It is time to do something with this day how about sun, shopping and ice cream.
I see you later, puss bisous kiss

Official Announcement

So it's finally official - I am leaving UK and London after 3.5 years. I am going back to Sweden for 1 years study in Gothenburg. I am really looking forward to this but it's with mixed emotions I am leaving. Around the 16-17th August I should be back by the sea, the coast, the nature and my old roots. It is explosion of happiness to finally start a completion of myself, this is only a start of a long journey and it's only the beginning. You will see a lot of me in the future, I promise, I am determined, very determined. 
I will be travelling back and forth to London from time to time as my heart Desire will still be living here. 

Breakfast in bed

Good Morning Sunshines
The best thing is to have a wonderful breakfast full off nutrition a morning when you wake up and feel your little tummy being very hungry. The best place is to eat in bed a Sunday morning with the window open and the wind catching my hair. See the clouds gathering and wait carefully for the storm to come.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Film Tips

A Good Year, A fantastic beautiful and romantic film. The shoots are magic and you feel like sitting in a chair by the side watching the actors in action for real. I absolutely love this film. It's gorgeous.


Me and my darling are having BBQ tonight - the owen!! That's life on third floor with just balcony and city where you can't escape at the moment. Guess we could have walked to the park, but we didn't want to break the law - it's not allowed to do BBQ in the park I think, or is that just things you are not allowed to do in Sweden? Well, we don't risk it =).

Without Internet...

.....for a week, but I am back on track now. Hottest day of the year and I am spending my day mostly outside. Had to cool down for a few minutes though and go in for a bite to eat. I will be back later.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Sex over 50?

I just have to make a little comment quickly. I am watching The Sex education Show it's always interesting and you learn a lot about the body. They talk a lot about sex as well and the presenter asked the public what age you should stop having sex and when it starts to be disgusting. Two healthy normal youths in their 25s maybe said, You should stop having sex when you reach late 40s, then you're to old. What the F***, they are serious...they must be crazy, who stops having sex in their 50s? I mean if a little child between 5-10 years would have said that it's different but this couple where much much older!!!! I am speachless. Just had to write this.
Oh now they're interviewing elderly people about sex, hihi the little lady is saying she's having sex in her late 80s. Isn't that sweet?

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Mini Spa

I have made a tradition in having a little mini spa at home on Sundays. With this means that I am doing a hair masque that I apply to my hair. I scrub my feet clean and peel them soft. Sometimes I go and by a new lovely summer nail vanish in the afternoon (which I did today). I got bright summer red for my toenails. Finish of with having a lovely warm shower and put on my favourite cosy clothes. Eating my favourite fruit and watch TV the rest of the evening. Isn't Sundays just lovely?

Sunday Afternoon

I had a few hours of sun in the park until I felt my skin being very stretchy and a bit painful. It started to get cloudy and rater windy so I took my little blanket and walked home. It doesn't stop me though from sitting on the balcony, relaxing and carry on reading.

Russian Night

Yesterday was perfect. I couple of hours in the sun, then I headed off to Elena's house. She was waiting for me in Fairlop with her little sports car, she's so sweet - she's just like a little Cheryl Cole for me. We drove to a Russian little shop (Elena is Russian), she picked all the food we needed and then we went home. We made home made punch that we drank all night, I was the master over the BBQ and we enjoyed plenty of food and each other's company on their garden terrace. See the sun go down and talk with your best friend about everything and life is fantastic. She gave me some typical sweet things, it was the most strangest thing I have ever seen. It looked like grey shopped twigs/asfalt and dust kind of, I can't explain it, but it was sunflower with sugar and syrup. Smelled like peanut butter something, tasted exactly what it was but looked horrible. I had difficulties to swallow the pork meat in pork jelly as well, urk. It was all a lovely evening and it's always very exciting to try new things.
Hope I can upload some photos for you later.

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Now it's me, the sun and Stieg Larsson for the next couple of hours. I have to hurry up it looks like the clouds are taking over.

Hooked on online shopping

I am completely hooked on online shopping!
It's a fact. I have never been in to online shopping before as I always thought it wasn't secure or I didn't know if the items will fit me, I prefer to try clothes on and see the items that I am buying. I have now discovered though that online shopping isn't that bad! You can always return it in the end. New clothes, new wardrobe even without fighting for your life in a sweaty shop amongst 100 other shopping crazy people a boiling day like this, or on a rainy day when you slip on the floor, struggle to hold your umbrella, bags, changing clothes.....this just takes a click on the computer and your done.
Me Like - Bring It On

Early Start of a Sunny Day

No lay in on my days off, love to start the day early. Packing and sending my Ebay items I have managed to sell. It's going well now. (Hmm, the fact is that I get rid of stuff I feel I never used and things I bought but not really liked, to BUY new thing I LIKE).  I am so cleaver aren't I =)? What about the saving?

Getting tanned is the plan today, it felt like I rubbed it all of in the shower yesterday. I am going over to Elena's house later tis afternoon to spend the day with her, BBQ and girls time.

Time for breakfast, I've got no milk in the fridge. Should pop out for some. Or can I have muesli with water?


I say Good Night

Friday, 2 July 2010

Birthdays, sun, sweat and happy faces

Blog break yesterday, work all day and then I wasn't home at all during the evening, Andrea at work turned 50 and it was party after work at Bluu Bar. It was nice. Gosh this lady does not look a day over 35. If I look like that when I am 50 I will be happy, not even a single silver hair!!

Work again today, ohh I really have nothing fun to write seriously. I'll be back hen I have. Sorry.

It's still bloody hot here and I sweat my bed wet during the nights, weekend is here!!!!!