Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Bra meassured

On my lunch I went to La zenza to be bra meassured, thought it was about time as I haven't done it since...em never I think! It's worth it, all women should have a bra that fits properly and majority of us women wear wrong bra size and you actually need a bigger cup size than you think. I never thought I was 2 cup sizes bigger than what I thought I was! Not surprising then why I've always felt that Im never able to find a nice bra that suits perfect. Now I can!
If you haven't done it, do it now.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

British people (some) have bad hygiene

It's not a lie, it's a fact. I don't understand, people smell like shit, are dirty and have awful breath. It's even embarrassing just to sit next to them on the bus..people might think it's me then. Urg...
Today I had to keep my breathe to work and home....Wash yourself, cut your nails and care about your hygiene please.
Next time I'll open my mouth and let them's not more than fair.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Can't control it

Im feeling an explosion is close...I can't control it anymore. I want to go shopping so badly, so much now that I am biting my fingers and have to breath slowly to not be over excited for clothes, accessorize I want. I've seen so much I want, I need, I like, I love and people I envy with these gorgeous handbag, shoes, perfect scarfs etc... what ever I see I fall for. I am just imagine all these small glittering diamonds in my hands! Next weekend is mine.

Spring Cleaning

So as summertime's here I thought it's time to do spring cleaning in the flat. Kitchen done, just mopped the floor as a finishing touch. Living room - done and as I had laundry on my hanger I thought what the heck let me but the laundry on the balcony, it's anyway a bit sunny. Before I knew it the wind grabbed my underwear and when I leaned over the balcony rail I see to my surprise that my underwear's landed in the ground floor garden!! Quicker than the light I ran down the stairs with my red face hoping that no one would find them before I did.
I took time to pop out and nip some green twigs from the "jungle" by the channel, it's looking better in the window now. Time for lunch...
What are you up to this first Summer Day?

Pleasant Sunday News

Det är britterna som är det stora problemet

Soluppgång över Tower Bridge i London. Foto: AP Photo/Sang Tan
Solen går upp ännu en gång över Tower Bridge i London. Värre är det för ekonomin i landet. Foto: AP Photo/Sang Tan
2010-03-28 | Publicerad 08:49  |  Uppdaterad 10:02
Europas ledare gnäller gärna på Grekland men de talar tystare om kontinentens största problembarn: Storbritannien. Hur London ska ta sig ur sin skuldfälla kan bli den verkliga rysaren det kommande året.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

At mine right now - hos mig just nu

An Easter Card came to us today & we've finally bought some flowers (påskliljor) to make this living room alive. It just hit me that I forgot about Earth Hour!! I was actually about to attend and switch of all lights, TV and computer. Shame on me, but then I haven't got any that an excuse? No. Anyway, the Londoners don't seem to care much as all lights are on every single window. Hope you had a cosy Earth Hour. Im now having my fruit salad with Blossom Honey & Lemon juice.   

Me Want This

This gorgeous maxi dress with leopard print will soon take a well earned place on a hanger in my wardrobe and then I am ready to welcome a warm summer evening. I love maxi dresses with a simple sandal, it's so fresh.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Season person

The beginning of spring is bringing a lot of happiness every day I wake up. I have never felt like this in many years, strange. I've always been a season person. I love the different season and find them all charming in their own way. Winter and fall is sooo cosy and I've always been sad when it turns to spring. I've liked it but somehow I've always been anxious during this period. Summer is lovely in many ways.
Now I think my way of thinking and feeling has changed...I love the fact that it gets brighter every day I can't wait for spring spring spring!!
At the moment right now Im feeling a bit down. I've got so much in my head and so much to think about that I just feel..hmm no good word in english so it will be in Swedish....SPLITTRAD.

Morning surprise

This morning or rather less than 15 minutes ago after I've dragged myself out of bed, got some idea of how tired I look in the mirror, I found a little surprise in the fridge. Des had made me a lunch box with prawn salad and on top a little note"Morning my Love, For your lunch have a good day! Love U
Happy Friday

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Listen to NNEKA, she is amazing.
Katie's on now and Im switching off. 

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Over & out, im off for today. Bye & Good night...
It's pouring down outside...

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Young, fresh and healthier than any 20 year old. I wish you a wonderful 60th birthday Dad!
Im sorry I can't be at home and celebrate with you but I know you will have a good day together with sister and relatives. We will celebrate more when Im home next time, LOVE YOU.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sporty spice

You'll find these gorgeous trainers on
I want them all, specially the top 2 for running and the bottom white Nike for all day use. They are all on SALE NOW.

Sunday Morning

For those who woke up early this morning, like me, had time to enjoy a lovely morning.
The sun was shining, the sky was blue, I picked up my trainers and took of along the channel. My skin on my cheek got warm of the strong sun, my sight enjoyed all spring flowers, the breeze cooled my sweaty dripping neck under my swinging ponny tail. My ears (without Mp3) listen to the murmurs noise f the swan wing in the water. My run suddenly felt so easy and this morning gave me life.

The channel near my house

Saturday, 20 March 2010

House for sale.

My dad is selling our gorgeous child hood home where I grew up. The house is absolutely amazing, well fitted with sauna, 3 bedroom, living room, kitchen, open fireplace, wooden floor, nice garden, conservatory and a small separate terass in the other side of the garden. All is kept in really good standard. The house is well located in a quiet, calm area, close to the nature fresh country wind and easy access to the centre within 10-15 min. It's a perfect location for you who's looking for a fresh new start with family.

Please view full details of the house and viewings on this website:


This woman is absolutely fantastic.
She is such an inspiration and role model to other woman out here. She is so natural beautiful both inside and out, down to earth, her presence is amazing and you are able to feel contact with her. She's got IT and I am of course talking about Alicia Keys. Give me that hair please, im a bit fan of her nose as well.

Friday, 19 March 2010


Listen to old music with lot of memories from when I was little.. - who don't remember Lambada haha it was my favourite song when I was little..I still like it actually. What language is it, italian?

Then I am just thinking about life, thinking thinking thinking. We'll see if i get some sleep tonight. Prob not. I don't even look forward to this weekend off as I always do otherwise. 
Guess it will be same thing.
Good Night

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sister love

When sister love takes - you are unstoppable.
A sister is the best thing in the whole world. For you who have one (older or younger)know what I am talking about. 
I have a fantastic relationship with my older sister and I can't even explain in words how much she means to me. When I look back on the memories when we're younger and we did fight constantly, hit each other, scratched each others arms, slamming the doors screaming and when I cried when I couldn't borrow her gorgeous clothes I am just smiling. That's a part of growing up as siblings but you don't realise until you older how much you appreciate each other. As a little sister, my sister Sofia was my big Idol and role model (and still is), everything she said or did when I was younger I'd listen to or copy. Today we have a perfect relationship. She is my best friend, soulmate, cliff, she's there when Im down, when Im happy, when Im confused or worried. She understands me perfectly. 
Since I moved abroad I've had to battle with missing my sister everyday, thinking of her everyday, wishing her well everyday and just imagine her in my head.It's difficult because somehow you feel like you are falling apart and so far from each other.She's the first person I call when Im home, she's the first person I really want to see when Im at home.
If I could shrink her to a mini person and let her live in my pocket forever I would. Then we could share life together every second.
For her i'll do anything and everything as long as we'll live. 
Sofia, I love you and I see you soon.
Love Jo

Monday, 15 March 2010


I have discovered these skincare products. Can be the best budget skincare products for fresh and clean skin all day. You can find the whole set; make up remover, cleansing lotion, toner and moisturiser for under a £15 ~ ca 170kr. The products really work - be careful with the toner though as the alcohol is very strong. Avoid the toner under your eyes.

Sleepless night

Sleepless nights are something I really hate! Not for the fact I get moody, for the fact that you feel absolutely awful when you wake up, it's worse than a hangover. I have head ace, feeling dizzy and rubbish even a bit sick and for those who know how much I hate to be hangover knows now that when I have had a sleepless nights this is how I a bad hangover and I've got one today! I've been completely restless all night and just the last hour, few minute before you have to force yourself up, that's when I manage to fall asleep as deepest to the early morning bird song
    Well, I hope that you all get a far better day and feel great. Ill try to make the best of mine.
Love JO

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Soak up the Sun

Goood Mooorning!
     How can you not be happy when you wake up at 08.08 am by yourself on a Sunday morning and you just feel how the feelings for spring explode in your body. On top of that you find the bluest sky in a long time outside
     It's time for a little breakfast, but I just can't be bothered to go out to run today, my shoes destroy my little toes, sounds like an excuse maybe but it's true, but then I need to variate my exercise a bit or I'll be bored. I'll do some squats, knee bend and push ups in here.
     After I'll spend the day with gorgeous Elena, we will go shopping, have picnic and just soak up the sun in a long walk.
     Have a perfect Sunday and enjoy.
Love Jo

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Take me there

Can somone please take me to this Island now..In a little time machine off I go. As far as I can go now is to bed, close my eyes, dream away to my little favorite place. Listen to this song and follow me.
Good night, God Natt, Bon Nuit



Been away from my blog for a while, different reasons..however. It's finally weekend =). I can't believe how quick the week fly by. Every Sunday evening or when you sit on that bus to work on Monday morning it feels like you have to climb a mountain before FRIDAY! And we are all getting older day by day.
     Just been out for a relaxing run, refreshing and I had time to think a lot. I even forgot how tired I started to be and that I in fact was day dreaming whilst zig zacking between every single Ortodox Jewish man I almost ran in to. Where are they going every Saturday morning with their little pillow under their arm? To pray? It's Sabato isn't it if I remember correct.
     Hope to drag Des out today, I want to visit cosy markets, all these food markets with freshly baked bread, sausages, pastry, cheese and sweets and a walk by the Thames - bring out the sun. Love it.

Have a fantastic Saturday.
By the way - I would like to have someone visiting me soon - Where are you?

Love Jo

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Bring it on

No sunshine when I woke up today, rather this grey outside the window. At least we are having krokusar in the gras outside the window. Yesterday was such an amazing day I could even sit on a bench enjoying the sun during my lunch break, well bring it on..Welcome Spring.

Love Jo

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Wonderful people

Ok, Des chose the title and I guess you all are wonderful out there.

Another Tuesday gone, had a nice run this evening and we cooked a lovely chicken salad to dinner. Now we're just chillin in the sofa, waiting for the b****y water to heat up so I can take a shower.

Have a lovely evening people.

Love Jo

Getting there

On my way to work..another day in paradise. Hmm..
Im getting started here again..I will follow up very soon with all thoughts and projects Im having at the moment. But the bus is not waiting for me and I have to say Hasta la vista baby...

Love JO