Monday, 31 May 2010

THE Jacket

It's a matt black colour, more towards grey. I like the neck part and the fact that it's got long arms even though it's a smaller tighter size. That is sometimes a problem for us tall gorgeous girls.  Photo quality is an issue


Oh, Lord has hear my prayer. I finally found the perfect leather jacket - or look-alike-leather jacket. I've been against this with leather jacket looong time, since it became popular more than a year ago I didn't buy one because I just did not feel for having one like everyone else. I have to say, what a mistake of me. Suddenly I got absolutely crazy in these type of  jacket, as it is so practical and you can have it to everything; dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans you name it. I've been searching and searching and everything is sold out, it's the wrong model, wrong colour, too expensive etc etc. Today was my day though. My new little jacket is gorgeous and I am so happy. I will show you a bit later on. Wihoooo problem solved. For a while until you're coming up with something else that you...hmm need. 

Porridge breakfast

It does not look like on the picture, but with a bit of raisins and cinnamon on the top I don't complain and the taste I guess is the same. (No, I did not cook the porridge from scratch with pure porridge rice)
My little body's too tired to run this morning, it will have to wait until the afternoon. I am going to exchange some items in the centre today and I am thinking of doing the Elephant Parade. In London they have big art elephants on display all over the city, in parks, streets etc. I think they are gorgeous, what do you think?

An extra day off

What a lazy Sunday it's been, I haven't done a lot for the world.
It feels really good to know that we have an extra day off tomorrow as we're having bank holiday here in UK. So I can be awake all night without feeling forced to go to bed and wake up early. The question is though how long I can manage to stay awake anyway...I am already tired. I've head ace and I've stuffed myself with magnum ice creams (note the s on the end) and Pringles crisp, yummy. I haven't had crisps in ages and today I thought for myself GIVE IT TO ME!
Film time maybe?
Nighty Nighty

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Fresh Air

I am feeling alive again, lovely. Little rest do the job. The balcony door is open and the wind grabs the curtain. I am still undecided of what to do today, a walk and some fresh air should be good though.


Woke up about 2 hours ago, always early when I've been out, and I felt alright. A bit tired and a tiny bit of head ace. Good for me after all that wine yesterday. Well....hold your when I took my duvet to sit in the sofa and have breakfast, wooowww I feel how ill I AM. UUhuu I don't like. I think I need a little bit more rest and then I am fit for fight.
Yesterday night was not a success actually. I left early, thought I could do with some more sleep instead. The music and atmosphere has a big impact when you go out and if that's not good, then I don't enjoy.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Dancing queen

My head is spinning,the heels are on, my lips are red from the wine... lets goo... tonight we are dancing until Im falling on the floor. Just realised that Eurovision is on TV, completely forgot. I like Iceland, France, Belgium, Romania and Germany.
See you tomorrow and have a fantastic night what ever you are up to to.

Yaayyy, Alicia Key's pregnant! Congratulations.
Gosh this woman, If I was a man I would marry her and she would be my wet dream.

Happy it's raining

Might sounds crazy but yes I am at the moment. Well, I went a quickis to the centre for some shopping and I was not happy to run around amongst tourist, umbrellas, wet streets and water everywhere in my sandals! I blame my choice of shoes on the dry weather when I left my house this morning. Now I am happy it's raining though because I can relax in the sofa listen to music and just chill without feeling forced to go out anymore. Ahhh
I found so many nice things at H&M, I guess it's my favourite shop, it is. I never ever liked the Brands and exclusive clothes/shops to be honest. Simple & nice but with a twist is my style.
Update is coming later about what happens tonight, now I have to sort out our laundry.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Running between the living room and the kitchen. Sticking my finger in the nutella pot, tasting the food, picking corn from the fridge. You name it. When I am hungry I get really stressed and often just eat, anything, anywhere all the time and quick.  I am sitting down now finally though, food is ready...lovely!!!!!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Prince

I found these nice photos of my Des whilst looking through his photo album. I really like them.

"Put your hands around my waist....."


Recently a few embarrassing situations have happened.
Not long ago I dropped a pot of yoghurt in Tesco, just when I was about to pay. It was yoghurt all over the floor and on the Armani suited man in front of me - sorry. Today it happened again. I am queuing and just when I am by the till - oooppps Johanna drops a packet of eggs - eggs everywhere on the floor. The thing is that what I can remember I have never ever dropped anything like that in a shop before. I think I start to be a bit Clumsy

Good Morning Sweethearts

It's a rather grey day today. I had such strange dreams tonight about friends having babies, party etc. I wonder how it's possible to have such a mix of dreams all the time, from one thing to another from one place to another.
It's Thursday and 1 day away from the weekend. This week has been rather quiet and I don't really have any fun news to come with. The weekend is a long bank holiday weekend. Thought of going to Paris but, no no when checking the tickets and see a minimum £250-£300 return ticket I did regret my thought very quickly. Well, I guess one day soon we'll get there.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Eurovision Song Contest

We are looking at one of the semi-finals of Eurovision and what the h*** is Robert Wells doing on stage behind the piano for Belarus????

Short updating

Trying to organise myself, paper, claiming back overpaid tax, cooking, cleaning, tv, internet. A lot in the same time but I am trying.
I am very hungry, just had a shower but I skipped the jogging today, felt lazy. Well, a bit of leg exercise in the living room is also ok.
What have you been up to today? I have sooo many things in my head I have to do and it feels like the time is just running away. I am looking forward to this Bank holiday weekend, it means one extra day off.

Sunday, 23 May 2010


Hello, yesterday night was fun. Vanessa came here, we shared the last cider and had to rush as we were running late. Took the tube and for the first time in my life I got lost in the underground. We were chatting and finally we ended up somewhere we shouldn't. Then we tried to find the way out, so fun. When we finally got out we realised that we got off at the wrong station. Jumped in a taxi and took off. The taxi driver took the piss, I said something so he felt offended and he got upset, Vanessa was singing loud and the traffic was bad at Oxford street. Anyway, he dropped us off and we even got discount on the ride as he apologised and said that he over reacted THANK YOU. We spent the night at Mayfair Club, danced until my feet where bleeding.

Today it's sooo hot and I am not joking when I say that it feels like the heat in the desert. The sun is so strong and after I've burnt myself yesterday it is even more painful. Me and Des walked to the park, have been enjoying a relaxing day on a blanket under a tree all afternoon. My skin is not ready for sun yet

Ice cream all night long...
From yesterday

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Aj ajajajajaj....I have finally started to use sun creme since I burned myself soooo badly this time of the year 2 years ago! It was a nightmare I don't want to repeat. So now I am using it, but I did not use enough EVERYWHERE! Johanna, this is horrible and just under my chin I am completely red, it looks like someone tried to strangle me! If you see my parts of my back you will cry and my bum....gosh. To shower get dress, ajajaj.
Im winding down with a cider now. Waiting for Des to come home and later Vanessa is coming over. We're having a drink and going out tonight. We'll see where to. I am happy.

New in my wardrobe

This is what I bought yesterday. It feels a bit relaxed safari over it and I really like the natural colours. (Forgive me for the bad quality on the photos)
Beige linnen trousers

Black wedges

Green and black skirt

Creme/greyish platform heels

What the he**

I just heard this comment on the TV from a ridiculous british guy:
"I'll prove to you that you can drink an ugly girl pretty but you can't drink a fat girl thin..."

This just say it all about the Brits...

Summer Day

It's expecting to be the warmest day in 8 months today and I can say that the sun is really doing its job.
Woke up early today, laid sleepless from 3am and saw the sun rise. Luckily I managed to fall asleep again after that.
I've cleaned the living room, changed curtains, cleaned windows and had breakfast. Ahh.
There's no real escape in London when the weather is sunny like this, more than a trip to the park. There's where I will spend my afternoon with a magazine, blanket and a juice.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Nu ska Johanna Sova.....
Have a fun evening whatever you do
 Good night


Bad updating, we haven't had any internet the past 2 days!!
Sun is shining, summer is here.
I have been shopping after work today, recently came home and I am exhausted. Heavy bags.
I will show you later.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Legs on the sofa

I am tired! My feet are resting comfortably on the sofa, my body is clean and I have wet hair. I have cramp in my legs after my jogging tour and seafood has landed in my belly. Lavender candles are lit up and I am relaxing. TV all night long.
Night Night

Monday, 17 May 2010


Are you good at accepting compliments? I am not and it feels awful.
A compliment is something nice you should be glad over and not shy and embarrassed (Red face) like I get. I have to admit though that it depends what compliment. If someone compliments on the way I dress my hair etc, I accept it happily, but when It comes to my personality, the way I am or my body I have to work on accepting it! Of course I get very glad inside if someone compliments on the way I look but I also have to learn to show it outwards.
Today one of the girls at work complimented on me (She's such a funny girl and jokes about all the time and we always have a laugh with her around) Because she knows I am shy when it comes to things like that she loves to put me in the spot!! Haha, but I'll give them that! Compliments she gave me and woopps Johanna was red faced like never before and I forced myself not to turn red but bloody hell it doesn't work when everyone stares at me. In fact I've never really liked to be in the spotlight.
Now, I have decided to change and I am working on it hard. Because I am confident and proud of myself.
I love Myself

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Juice snack

Varit ute och gatt lite for att fa lite frisk luft, svangde inom Tesco och kopte ingredienser till Bread & Butter Pudding pa traditions-enligt engelskt vis. Sa ska det ju vara en sondag. Torstig som man ar dagen efter vet jag att vi har juice i kylen. Ja, for har hemma dricks det ofantliga mangder med juice, Desire alskar det. I alla fall. Vi har 6 olika paket och varje gang oppnar Desire ett nytt paket utan att dricka upp det forsta han oppnat!! Sa springer jag efter som en tosse och dikterar "Oppna inte ett nytt packet forran du druckit upp det gamla..bla bla" Haha.
Ja men appeljuice gillas bast pa morgonen och den tropiska ar battre till lunch och om jag ar torstig ar blablars juice bast. Drick vatten om du ar torstig sager jag.


We had a good night yesterday and my feet are acing like they should after a great night. It was nice to see faces I haven't seen for long time. A lot to catch up.
We did not end up where we should have been but we found another place and it was ok there. Music was great so we could dance. Very packed though. Did not get home too late so I got a sleep in, slept a bit better than usually when I've been out.
Today I was planning to go in to the centre for shopping, but I might skip that since my head and feet are tired and not 100%, maybe I do online shopping instead=)... But I know this dress at H&M is waiting for me and I need to grab it before it's gone.
This is what I wore yesterday:

Saturday, 15 May 2010


I getting ready, tossing around in the flat, swinging my hair, trying all my clothes &shoes, listen to music and drinking Savanna Dry (Just like we did in South Africa, remember Kikki?)

New Nike Air Trainers

Say hello to my new friends:

Nike Air Trainers

I am happy and my feet are happy, I can now run comfortably again. They are girly with a clear pink sole and pink details. I am ready to run and I think they will encourage me to run more and longer as well. Finally a good investment.

Early Morning

Early morning in Malmsten-Abbetsala home. We woke up so early, the sun is shining and I am ready for a new day. We are soon on our way out but will just get some breakfast first.
Today we're going to register with the doctor ( I know better late then never), maybe some shopping later or just a relaxing day. I need to organise some bits and bobs. Tonight I am going out with some friends I haven't seen for a while. It will be a great night, lots of fun, chats, laughs and dancing..I love that!
Good Morning..

Friday, 14 May 2010


Oh gosh I am really feeling for desserts and sweets at the moment, what about this you think:

Passionfruit cheesecake

I am sooo hungry as well, I am pushing my boyfriend out the door to go to the supermarket to get something so we can eat. Fridge is empty!!!

Night Night

Puss puss

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Wonderful Spring Evening

With the sky completely dark on one end, waiting for a heavy rain fall and the sun shining through the clouds on the other end. Warm. Orange light. Birds. Fresh air. Jogging tour. Sweat. Loved it.
Had dinner after that with my hubby. A little accident in the kitchen when Des had put too much oil in the pan and the pan was really hot. I was scared to leave the turkey fillet on the pan so I more likely threw it in the pan and all oil came on one of the stoves and it took fire!! It ended very quickly though and Des finished it of with wiping a dry cloth on it, notice dry cloth, I mean that's not very clever..haha.
Started my selling on Ebay just, I am very excited.
Have a nice evening...

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I am exploring ebay at the moment, created an account and I am now going to earn some extra cash. It's great you can buy what ever you're looking for or sell what ever you want to get rid off. I just hope it works. Let see.

Yeo Valley Yoghurt

At the moment I am attacking this yoghurt everyday, pots after pots. I adore it and you can really taste the vanilla and see the dark spots of vanilla in the yoghurt. They have a range of different yoghurts from really fat to the fruity frutiest. Yummy.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Positive Energy

I am bringing all positive energy and karma into my life today. I know that will make my day better, everyone's day better.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Film Time

I haven't done anything today it's been such a lazy Sunday. I've been really tired as well from yesterday night and I haven't slept well as always after a night out. I end this Sunday evening with the film Crash.
See you tomorrow - new day, new week, new possibilities.
Good Night Lovelies

Music for your ears

I like this girl's voice, a little something to smile and move around to at home this early Sunday evening.

Summer Summer

I bought this swimsuit yesterday, I love the pattern and bright orange colour.

I also give you a sneak peak of a dress I bought as well. But....a full view will come shortly when the dress is worn properly. I can say that the dress is sooo gorgeous.

The first basic maxi dress is also invested for the summer.
All got thumbs up from Desire, that makes the little extra.

Sunday chill in the sofa

I am not lifting a finger today, it's sofa, duvet, tv, snacks, cuddle and tv.

Calooh Calley

Yesterday our feet were screaming for a rest, we walked a lot and did plenty of shopping. As soon as I have shaked of my little hangover I will show you what items I bought.
In the evening we had dinner and later went to one of the best cocktail bars in London, Calooh Calley in Shoreditch. They've got a sign outside just like Coco Channel. I just say NARNIA, it gives a lot to your imagination but if you want to experience it, go there!!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Weekend Visit

I have a friend from Bath staying over this weekend. She's from Gothenburg and her name is Elin. We are going shopping now.

I've been really bad updating lately, apologies

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tuesday 4th of May

It means goodbyes, packing, anxiousity, long late travel, maybe some tears, back to reality and new hellos.
A week flies by and I am returning to London tonight. I miss it a bit, I start to realize that London is a big city but there's plenty to do all year around everyday (even if it all costs). But's so nice with a break and get away like i did now this last week. Back to your roots, country side, nature and tours on the bicycle. I miss kisses and cuddles though from Mr D.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sunny Sunday

Almost the perfect Sunday, had lunch at my grandma's with most of us, she's an amazing cook. Been shopping with dad, we took the car and drove around to the most prettiest places close to the sea. I love that and we use to do that when I was little. Breath some sea air I love. We poped in to say hi to my auntie in town and one of my aunts on the farm further from the ciry. It was amazing. We've now been eating lots and lots of toast with, cheese, marmelade, ham and butter, I'm waiting for the fruitsallad, whipped cream and Ben & Jerry ice cream (again). Now Tv, sofa, blanket a perfect ending of a good weekend.

To be more harmonious

I have notice recently that I am very stressed, doing things without thinking, eating quickly, rush everywhere I am going, talking rubbish etc etc. This causes an upset stomach for me and makes me nervous. Where is calm Johanna gone?? I guess this is an affect that comes with living in a pulsive big city as London. I have to learn to calm down again and be more harmonic as before, do you have any tips how to do that? I don't like to be this way, it doesn't make me feel very good, I need to find my way back. Next week I will get back to my routines again, carry on with my training, go for runs along the channel, eat healthily, relax etc. I miss that now since I've not done this properly for a couple of weeks.
I started off with some excersice on the bedroom floor, in between i am by the computer. Yesterday I had toooo much sweets and do you know what happens with my body the day after? It's really crazy but I have pain all over my body if I touch it feels like inner bruises. This happens everytime the day after when I have had a lot of sweets. What does this mean then?

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Circus Maximum

The fantastic thing me and my dad where suppose to do yesterday was to go and see the Circus in town. Just be like a child again with popcorn, clowns and soda. Unfortunatley we never managed to get there as the house sale took longer than we thought.
It's really grey outside and today is kind of a bankholiday so everything is closed. Don' know what they day's got to offer, Im starting to feel comfortable in my juicy suit at home. Waiting for sis to wake up and call me as she worked last night. I'll spend the day with her.
Yesterday night I stayed in, shared a Ben & Jerry Cookie Dough with dad. I was a bit disappointed as I heard so well about the Ben & Jerry ice cream but I didn't think it was so amazing. I think I made the mistake not to take the chocolate with fudgecake, more my taste.