Friday, 30 April 2010

Barbecue at Sis house

I let the photos describe my evening.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


The last days when I have been organising at home and kept secret was because I went home and suprised my family! Do you think thy got surprise? A lot, I went up to see my grandparents first, they thought it was my sister(as me more likely look like twins) but after a couple of seconds they realised it was me and they couldn't belive their eyes "dropped the chin" is an expression we use. We tricked my dad and my sister said she had needed to talk and went to his office. I was hiding aund the corner and she drage him ouside and woala SURPRISEEEE!!! It made my dad's day. It's lovely to be at home, sleep in your childhood bed (I have to say it's extremley comfy) Get taken care of by your family. Visiting all places again. Im very happy!
Today is the surprise of my mum then I have a lot that needs to be organised here at home. Tonight we're going for a barbequ at my sisters house and I can't wait. In the meantime I'll have to clean the house, do shopping, prepare for tomorrow's visit, decorate with flowers (visitors from far is coming to see the house tomorrow - we are crossing to our fingers hard hard, this is looking good) I also need to make a cake or so.
My update won't probalby be as good while I am here because I just want to enjoy and relax without thinking a lot. Then my dad's computer is slooow so it doesn't help. I'll definitley use my sister's camera a bit so I can upload some photos for you to see.
Oh by the way tomorrow me and my dad are going to do something absolutely amazing. I have to pop in tomorrow to at least kep you updated about that.
Love Me-

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Yummy British Men

The TV presenter George Lamb is one of a Yummy British Man, would you agree?

Need some fire

Trying to look for a bloody lighter so I can light up my lavender candles. When you have a boyfriend who smokes you expect to find one around at home. But no the problem is that he always keeps them in his pockets. Gahhh

Guess what?

This is how it looks like at mine at the moment. What do you think I am doing?

It's my second day...

...after my motivating Monday and I feel very well even if I had a bit sleepless night and woke up with head ace. What happens today then? I am off to work in a little while. I need to organise myself in the afternoon and evening, puh. Ill soak up some sun on my lunch break and just enjoy life at the moment. It's to short for anything else. I am feeling a bit bloated and bad that I haven't ben able to train or run in the past 2 weeks because of my cold. I am still coughing a bit and I don't dare to start yet. This is at these moments you see how important it is to take care of your body.
Have a nice start off the day and Ill see you a bit later, in my wardrobe chaos (hint of whats going to happen later this week)

Start off the Day

We start off the day with some nice music and just relax.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Motivating Monday

Yesterday I decided to restart something in my life, exactly what it is, is something ill keep for myself for a little while. In a couple of week’s time I might give you a hint, depending on the outcome =). So I pepped myself yesterday and I read, thought a lot for myself and gathered information. This time I will not let myself down. I will just give it a go and I know I can. So today I am very happy actually, because I have a very good feeling that I AM IN CONTROL OF MYSELF!

Kick Off

New kick off and start of a new week. I am looking forward to this week a lot. You will find out why later this week.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

After sunshine comes rain

I am really happy that I spent all the day outside in the sun yesterday, because today when you opened up your eyes the rain is pissing down. Sp today I can stay inside all day without a bad conscience, watch movie, have power naps, light up candles and relax. I also woke up to a wet wet blanket I left on the balcony yesterday.
I know I need a camera now, asap to be able to take nice photos and memorise my life. Webcam does not always work. Ill try to get one very soon. I am working on it. Until then you'll have to put up with my webcam.

Saturday, 24 April 2010


Had a fab afternoon, running barefoot in the grass and got my feet all dirty, just like it should be whne the summer is on the way. I caught some sun today. Im a little red chested red in my face. My skin is so stretchy and my lips are burning. Vaselin needed. Im hungry now, it's time to cook dinner then I'll dig in to my MORE magazine. Have a lovely Saturday night.

11.36 am at mine

I've closed the kitchen door, listen to Ugandan Afrique Music, dansing, enjoying and cleaning. Living life...

Summer material

Thought Ill just show you my lovely material on a dress I bought my first summer in Uk, Bath nearly 3.5 years ago. It's actually a maxi dress but I've hardly never worn it as it is strapless and I don't really like that. Im thinking of making a long skirt out of it instead.

Isn't this fabric all gorgeous

Welcome Saturday

So we all reached the weekend anyway even if you didn't thought so on Monday!
I've recently just woken up, my eyes look infected and Im having heavy bags under them, why me? The sun is shining even if the clouds are out. Nothing is planned today, I will surely spend most of my time outside and if the sun squeezes through these shimmering clouds properly Ill go to the park. It's now time for breakfast, guess what...ripen mango.

Friday, 23 April 2010

I will confess...

...that I am a Nibbler when it comes to things with high calorie level, sugar level or anything that can make my thighs grow. I take a cake, biscuit, ice cream, chocolate or what ever. I nibble on it and then throw it or give it to someone, haha. The most funny thing is that I do that several times so in the end it's almost like I've had a full cake or full pice of chocolate. I do this only because I feel a lot better and not anxious over having "naughty" food. It tricks my brain to think that it's not bad for me and I won't feel bad because I haven't seen myself eat it all in once. Then I also believe in eating small portions of high calorie food instead of a lot in once.


As a foreigner in another country and especially as a Swedish person I often hear fraises like: “Everyone is tall, blond and with blue eyes in Sweden, isn’t it?” or “Don’t complain that you are cold, you should be use to this you are from Sweden” or “I have hear that it is always dark in Sweden during the winter” well when will you pop the question if we have polar bears walking in the streets? We are talking about British people asking these questions, I wouldn’t be so surprise if it was someone from another planet who asked. Anyway back to stereotypes. I had this interesting conversation with some of the girls at work and obviously I am the proper stereotype of how we Swedes look like, still I have to explain that we have both brunettes, blondes, ginger, grey, people with mousy colour etc, but yes there might be a big part of the population with blonde hair and blue eyes. The average height is for sure higher than many other countries in the world. It is very interesting with how we see different population and how we judge them. As I felt I have to give back I told them “Well girls, for us the British stereotype has fair skin, ginger hair, no teeth, like football and are fat” It is worth saying that this comment might not have been appreciated by all, but we are only talking about stereotypes! You have had your say and now I have mine, and for a fact that your stereotype might not be as “fascinating” as ours that's nothing I can control, sorry. ( I might as well have a sarcastic humor sometimes that can be difficult to accept) So is this stereotypes?: (Remember not to take everything too serious guys =)

Italian: Brown long hair, often seen with sunglasses, are always late. Like to show off, nice hair and a tan.
Spanish: Look like hippies, big eyebrows & dark eyes. They like a siesta or two, eating and are very loud.
French: Refuse to speak english are often very late, love cooking and smoking weed. They look very "average" Listen to french hip hop. Live in a nice french cottage by a wine yard?
Polish: The men have square head, they like their sausages, often stay together with other polish, very proud, drink a lot of alcohol.
Russians/Latvian/Lithuanian: They like to look good, nails hair, clothes, they like white colour. The girls are normally shorter and have a very clear bone structur, make them unic.
Americans: Well, a big country have a lot of variety, LA style, western cowboy style, college girls with teeth whitening, like foood!

Would you say this is how we experience and see people from different culture? Is this what you can say stereotype? This world is to judging

New in my wardrobe

The green military jacket is to die for, and it is absolutely gorgeous on. Found on Sale for only £20!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Ageing over a day

Is it more than me who thinks that Heidi Klum aged at least 10 years when she recently cut her hair into this bob below? She's had short hair before and looked stunning but this is I think the worst. She still looks good but she looks more like a comfy yummy mummy now, the sexy mama Hedi Klum is gone. What do you prefer, short or long?

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Båda två... Snor, kraxig hals, hosta och huvud värk, vad mer kan man begära av en vanlig hederlig förkylning.
Ingen träning, sömnlosa nätter, torr näsa och oro.
Nu vill jag att vulkanen ska sluta med annars blir jag mer orolig och inte glad!!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Missing Michael Dixon

Support in finding Michael Dixon who mysteriously disappeared from his hotel in Costa Rica 18h of October 2009. He left the hotel room in the morning to head of to the beach, since that day no one have seen or heard anything from him. The search continues.
This is a brother to a friend of my boyfriend. It is really painful to hear that thousand people if not more disappear every year without a trace.

Spread this all over the world and we can all be a part in finding Michael Dixon

Planning your time.

Im a pure time perfectionist. Im always on time if not 10 minutes earlier I am there exactly on time. I also hate when others are late, so now you know that, it's kind of important to know.
This morning I was not the best on planning my time though. Again I am ready, but too early this time, even if I snoozed 10 minutes extra. Sometimes you're so speed and can even relax at home before Im off to work. I like to have time to prepare myself etc, if I am in a rush I get stressed and frustrated. It affects my stomach and my temper. Today I have time to dance around in my kitchen to Beyonces new song Control, even twice before Im now off to the bus.
Have a fantastic day, on my lunch Im going to the fashion show in Spital Field Square, I discovered yesterday that they've got a fashion week all week long there. So if you've got nothing to do go there, think its until 14:00 or something.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Mango Mango Mango

Ohhh I just had a big big bowl full of fresh mango with greek yoghurt. I absolutely love MANGO, it is very yummy! Cosy evening in the sofa, coughing so my head explode though, that's the only destroy-cosy-factor at the moment.


Green Park

With wind in my hair and the sun touching my skin I spent a couple of hours in Green park this afternoon. My skin feels a bit tight now, facial creme on. It was a fantastic afternoon. I did some shopping as well. Photos will follow very soon.

What's on today?

This is nice to listen to in the morning a Sunday like this, try yourself.
What's on today then? I can't really decide.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Garden chill with home made juice at Elenas

Had a lovely time at Elenas today, she picked me up in car at the station the little gangster ( The thing is that she doesn't have her license yet, but very soon though). Absolutely amazing just to hang out in the garden with the sun, their little murmuring pond, lunch in the garden with a magazine and we made home made juice in their juice machine. I've got one myself but never used it, Ill start straight away. I came home a little while ago, well deserved shower after a day out, it always makes me feel a bit dirty in the beginning of spring/summer. Your feet, your skin's stretchy and a bit sweaty. Now I am clean!!



Good Morning, I slept rather well after having an itching throat. Woke up so early though. I've already tidy up the flat, done some laundry & had breakfast. Im now off to Elenas place, she's living a bit further away outside London or in zone 4-5 that's what I call outside. Ill spend the day at hers and we'll see what we're up to. Sun is out, glasses on and Im happy. Yesterday I got these gorgeous flowers with me home.

Friday, 16 April 2010

My Day

It's actually been kind of busy at work today, I've been thrown into paper and paperwork today, binding almost up to 3000 pages and then orders, more paper, paper, paper. At least I was not just by the computer so I could rest my eyes. On my lunch I had a quick look at Spital Field Market, I found 2 gorgeous dresses I need to have!!! You know when you get the feeling that you just can't live wihtout them and you can see yourself in it. Well, the problem was there was no one at that market stall to ask or get help from and you hardly see who's working there. I almost took the dresses and walked away, shame I did not have my bag with me. No cash either, short of time. Hold your horses, I will be back this weekend or on Monday to lay my hands on them. I'll update with photos later.
My throat is now itching and Im coughing, here we go again welcome flu. I guess that's why I've had such a head ace the last days. Let's celebrate that it is weekend, with a lovely home cooked dinner and some rest.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sitting here in the darkness trying to watch Bella & Tyra show live online but it's to many people watching at the same time so it's only buffering and loading. Buhuu...
A tips for a good healthy TV snacks is Wasabi Peas, I have discover them and absolutely love them. I guess it's the kind of snacks you either hate or love.You can buy them in Marks & Spencer, Im sure they'll have it somewhere in any shops back home in Sweden as well, go out and search now!

Hej alla glada

Hi hi, I was really ill last time I wrote and yesterday I was so tired and couldn't bother to even sit by the computer after a long dig in front if it. That's maybe what causes my head ace.
I have to say that my day was not the most creative or exciting. Work work work, to lazy to run. Had a phone call from my daddy, miss him.
What have you been up to today?

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

If drinking coffee and tea is growing up - Ill never grow up

In fact I don't drink neither of it, ok I have to admit that I sometimes have a frappuccino from Starbucks, but it's rare. It's not that I don't like the taste of coffee, I kind of do, but I don't want to get into a habit of drinking it, mis colour my teeth when I don't need to and get all this unhealthy"toxic" and caffeine inside me. So I think, If I don't start ill escape these problems and so far so good! Im not a tea drinker because I don't like tea, it's absolutely tasteless and taste just like warm water, and if i have to drink it I need plenty of sugar which will make my hips grow so, no thanks. Im happy with my water or juice in my hand.

Desire is now forcing me to drink a chinese herbal tea with nerve smoothing effect he bought. He says it will cure my head ace, cuz right now Im feeling shit!!

A good day

It was a good day today had such a laugh with the girls at work, it always make your way through work.
Every day is one step closer to..well it will not be revealed here...not just yet. Had a walk for lunch, went to buy another nail polish, it is kind of my thing now. I love all the shiny summer colours, this time raspberry colour. Im now sitting here with a ugly head ace, taking a jogging tour didn't really make it better.
Film tonight?

Monday, 12 April 2010


This song make me happy, it's so smooth.

This is shit now...

.. the TV is not working, gahhh!! At least we have the computer and Im happy because Im having my oat biscuits, hummus and carrot sticks next to me to please me. My sweetest friend Catrin has also started a blog, you'll find her in my blog list as I don't know how to link here. She's the most amazing creative person I've ever met, photography, paintings, decorations you name it. Love to you my little friend

Hair issue

I have during a looong time been thinking about my hair. It's really time for a change but as I always have difficulties deciding what I want or need Im not sure about this either. I let it grow then I cut it off. Now I let it grow because I'd really like a long lovely hair to swing over the shoulder or let it free in the wind without having the hairstyle messed up. Then the other issue is the colour, Im having a boring rat colour now and can't wait for it to be that lovely sun kissed hair, bright and shiny, so shall I do highlights then? But no because I want to make it curly as well so I can't have any bleach or highlights in my hair if I want to do I perm. On the other hand I think my hair is to short yet for a perm. So what do I do?
This is it, this is the hair to have.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Time for myself

I went out for a walk this afternoon, Des was sleepy in the sofa after yesterday (in fact he didn't want to admit it, but I knew =)) Bought me a new nice nail polish, dark purple, love it and a magazine, a bit "pampering" a Sunday afternoon. Fell asleep on Des shoulder when I came home. Have the flat by my own now, so I've time to take care of myself  and pimp my nails so relaxing. I've just made seafood wok with cottage cheese. Well, Im sorry but the Swedish cottage cheese is so much tastier, the one here is so sour. Ill just curl up in the sofa watching The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo tonight (män som hatar kvinnor).
Have a great Sunday evening and get ready for a new week.
Seafood wok, easy and tasty

Saturday night at Tamangang

Oh Yes, yesterday was such a lazy day. We were relaxing infront of the tv all night, ate and didn't do anything for the world. Then Des say shall we go out, i was almost half sleeping and ready to go to bed, well why not, it could be fun. So we ended up going out finally and just had the time to catch the last tube.
We went to Tamangang in Marble Arch. There we're place in the VIP area drinking drinks, vodka and champange for free all night long (Good service). I had a good time and Im happy I only had a one drink compare to Des who had a couple of more. Without alcohol is almost best nowdays, beacuse I hate a hangover. Music was great, the people was a bit... well girls bitching around trying to find their identity, dancing up the walls, seeking attention etc it was embarrassing but who cares. I was there to enjoy myself and Im so happy for my great shoes that I could dance all night long and walking without any pain, except from by the time we're taking the bus home, but that is acceptable. Big star to my gorgeous boots.
 Such a shame I don't have any camera so I could not take any photo during the night. 
I've slept to long today but we were home late last night. The sun is shining and Ill try to work on my freckles.  Time for breakfast. Bye

Saturday, 10 April 2010


They have been here to fix the wash machine, oh guess what was found in the pump? A sock, coins and a Usb stick!! Who leaves forgets a USB stick in the trousers without checking, well not us.
After that we took the opportunity to clean the flat properly whilst we've been singing and dancing around in the flat to these, amongst many songs:

Soon we're going out to the Park and a walk, the weather is lovely.
See you soon.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Desert Flower

The sensational biography by Waris Dirie is now out on film.
The girl who fled Africa and her nomad life, to London where she became one of the most famous black models. I used to read all the books when I was younger and decided before I even knew it that my child will have the name Waris.
If you haven't seen the film see it NOW! It is inspiring, touching and the music is magic.
Waris Dirie                          Cover

Finally home.

The worst thing with a big city like London is that everyone wants to get home at the same time after work. I hate rush hour! Its awful and take so long. Sometimes the bus doesn't even show up and you waste 30-40 minutes just waiting. Sometimes the bus just pass because there's no space. Gahh.
I've just been out for a run, it was nice and warm and I don't need any thicker jumper anymore.
Im now covered up in the sofa with my Robinsons Juice, Ill stay here all night long watching movie and just chillax. Nice start of the weekend.


Yes, and are we happy for that? Oh yeah if we are!
I was so tired this morning and fell asleep late last night and now I realised that I woke up to early and are almost ready to go. 45 minutes of waiting!! Could have gone out for a run or at least slept a bit more.

The sun is shining and I hope this day will rush by like no other day because Im ready for a relaxing weekend with lots of sunshine, what are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Dinner at the balcony

Sorry, the blanket is awful but wanted something that covered the balcony rail towards the high street.

Au Natural is the thing...

...according to Jessica Simpson who's been interviewed for Marie Claire Au Natural without make up, styling or retouch on photos. Well on the photo just above it looks more like she's got mascara or any kind of eyelash extension to me. Judge by yourself.

I Will Be Alicia Keys Head Blogger!!!

I can't believe this; Alicia Keys is looking for a head blogger for her page somone who can express himself or herself about Alicias passion for music.
It's not possible?? YOU, it could be you Mr, Mrs or Miss average person out there; waiter, cleaner, office assistant, beautican..what ever!!! The winner will be announced in June they say and will have the chance to move to NY and practically get f*cking crazy new life. Whaooo

The News is announced her:

Good Morning lovlies

Im off to work a bit in a burry, tired eyes and ill now fight for my right to SIT DOWN on the bus or be squeezed up towards the window in a corner. I need to pass by Tesco to get some lunch and breakfast as well.
Have a nice day, I see you later.