Sunday, 11 April 2010

Saturday night at Tamangang

Oh Yes, yesterday was such a lazy day. We were relaxing infront of the tv all night, ate and didn't do anything for the world. Then Des say shall we go out, i was almost half sleeping and ready to go to bed, well why not, it could be fun. So we ended up going out finally and just had the time to catch the last tube.
We went to Tamangang in Marble Arch. There we're place in the VIP area drinking drinks, vodka and champange for free all night long (Good service). I had a good time and Im happy I only had a one drink compare to Des who had a couple of more. Without alcohol is almost best nowdays, beacuse I hate a hangover. Music was great, the people was a bit... well girls bitching around trying to find their identity, dancing up the walls, seeking attention etc it was embarrassing but who cares. I was there to enjoy myself and Im so happy for my great shoes that I could dance all night long and walking without any pain, except from by the time we're taking the bus home, but that is acceptable. Big star to my gorgeous boots.
 Such a shame I don't have any camera so I could not take any photo during the night. 
I've slept to long today but we were home late last night. The sun is shining and Ill try to work on my freckles.  Time for breakfast. Bye

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