Friday, 23 April 2010


As a foreigner in another country and especially as a Swedish person I often hear fraises like: “Everyone is tall, blond and with blue eyes in Sweden, isn’t it?” or “Don’t complain that you are cold, you should be use to this you are from Sweden” or “I have hear that it is always dark in Sweden during the winter” well when will you pop the question if we have polar bears walking in the streets? We are talking about British people asking these questions, I wouldn’t be so surprise if it was someone from another planet who asked. Anyway back to stereotypes. I had this interesting conversation with some of the girls at work and obviously I am the proper stereotype of how we Swedes look like, still I have to explain that we have both brunettes, blondes, ginger, grey, people with mousy colour etc, but yes there might be a big part of the population with blonde hair and blue eyes. The average height is for sure higher than many other countries in the world. It is very interesting with how we see different population and how we judge them. As I felt I have to give back I told them “Well girls, for us the British stereotype has fair skin, ginger hair, no teeth, like football and are fat” It is worth saying that this comment might not have been appreciated by all, but we are only talking about stereotypes! You have had your say and now I have mine, and for a fact that your stereotype might not be as “fascinating” as ours that's nothing I can control, sorry. ( I might as well have a sarcastic humor sometimes that can be difficult to accept) So is this stereotypes?: (Remember not to take everything too serious guys =)

Italian: Brown long hair, often seen with sunglasses, are always late. Like to show off, nice hair and a tan.
Spanish: Look like hippies, big eyebrows & dark eyes. They like a siesta or two, eating and are very loud.
French: Refuse to speak english are often very late, love cooking and smoking weed. They look very "average" Listen to french hip hop. Live in a nice french cottage by a wine yard?
Polish: The men have square head, they like their sausages, often stay together with other polish, very proud, drink a lot of alcohol.
Russians/Latvian/Lithuanian: They like to look good, nails hair, clothes, they like white colour. The girls are normally shorter and have a very clear bone structur, make them unic.
Americans: Well, a big country have a lot of variety, LA style, western cowboy style, college girls with teeth whitening, like foood!

Would you say this is how we experience and see people from different culture? Is this what you can say stereotype? This world is to judging

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