Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Planning your time.

Im a pure time perfectionist. Im always on time if not 10 minutes earlier I am there exactly on time. I also hate when others are late, so now you know that, it's kind of important to know.
This morning I was not the best on planning my time though. Again I am ready, but too early this time, even if I snoozed 10 minutes extra. Sometimes you're so speed and can even relax at home before Im off to work. I like to have time to prepare myself etc, if I am in a rush I get stressed and frustrated. It affects my stomach and my temper. Today I have time to dance around in my kitchen to Beyonces new song Control, even twice before Im now off to the bus.
Have a fantastic day, on my lunch Im going to the fashion show in Spital Field Square, I discovered yesterday that they've got a fashion week all week long there. So if you've got nothing to do go there, think its until 14:00 or something.

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