Monday, 12 April 2010

Hair issue

I have during a looong time been thinking about my hair. It's really time for a change but as I always have difficulties deciding what I want or need Im not sure about this either. I let it grow then I cut it off. Now I let it grow because I'd really like a long lovely hair to swing over the shoulder or let it free in the wind without having the hairstyle messed up. Then the other issue is the colour, Im having a boring rat colour now and can't wait for it to be that lovely sun kissed hair, bright and shiny, so shall I do highlights then? But no because I want to make it curly as well so I can't have any bleach or highlights in my hair if I want to do I perm. On the other hand I think my hair is to short yet for a perm. So what do I do?
This is it, this is the hair to have.

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