Friday, 16 April 2010

My Day

It's actually been kind of busy at work today, I've been thrown into paper and paperwork today, binding almost up to 3000 pages and then orders, more paper, paper, paper. At least I was not just by the computer so I could rest my eyes. On my lunch I had a quick look at Spital Field Market, I found 2 gorgeous dresses I need to have!!! You know when you get the feeling that you just can't live wihtout them and you can see yourself in it. Well, the problem was there was no one at that market stall to ask or get help from and you hardly see who's working there. I almost took the dresses and walked away, shame I did not have my bag with me. No cash either, short of time. Hold your horses, I will be back this weekend or on Monday to lay my hands on them. I'll update with photos later.
My throat is now itching and Im coughing, here we go again welcome flu. I guess that's why I've had such a head ace the last days. Let's celebrate that it is weekend, with a lovely home cooked dinner and some rest.

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