Saturday, 13 March 2010


Been away from my blog for a while, different reasons..however. It's finally weekend =). I can't believe how quick the week fly by. Every Sunday evening or when you sit on that bus to work on Monday morning it feels like you have to climb a mountain before FRIDAY! And we are all getting older day by day.
     Just been out for a relaxing run, refreshing and I had time to think a lot. I even forgot how tired I started to be and that I in fact was day dreaming whilst zig zacking between every single Ortodox Jewish man I almost ran in to. Where are they going every Saturday morning with their little pillow under their arm? To pray? It's Sabato isn't it if I remember correct.
     Hope to drag Des out today, I want to visit cosy markets, all these food markets with freshly baked bread, sausages, pastry, cheese and sweets and a walk by the Thames - bring out the sun. Love it.

Have a fantastic Saturday.
By the way - I would like to have someone visiting me soon - Where are you?

Love Jo

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