Saturday, 31 July 2010

Oh what a Friday night

Started of with preparation at work and a glass of wine. We headed out to Vibe Bar for wine and lots of chatting. After this we went to The Chill, also in Brick Lane for MORE wine. Ohlala...I prefer The Chill bar though and it definitely live up to its name, lots of people, nice music and chill. However we only stayed for a while and took the tube in to West End. Another drink at another bar and then we spend the rest of the night at the club Jalouse. I thought it was a great club. One of the better I have ever been to.Worth trying if you go to London. Had a fab night all in all and your feet where screaming for help and release on the night bus home. Just like it should be (or not). Photos will come.

The highlight of the evening though is when we are waiting to get in just outside the club. I am chatting with the girls (in english to be mentioned) and there is a Swedish couple in front of us. They look at us from time to time or rather frequently actually. They've not noticed that I am Swedish. Then the guy turn to his girlfriend saying (in Swedish): Look at this girl behind us (me) she's full of botox in her lips. Can you see that, I mean do you see how much botox she's got? The girls says: Oh no it might not be some people just have big lips. The guy carry on in typical "Swedish Style" No, this is to much it's crazy how much botox she's got.
Hilarious, watch you back man, you never know who you're talking to or about... ;)

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