Thursday, 22 July 2010

TGI Friday

And so we reached another weekend. Looong day at work, finally after that I met up with Elena in the centre. We tried out a new place (or at least a new place for us) Leon. A bowl of chilli nuts and an energising smoothie later I took the tube home. For the first time I got panic in the underground. The tube stopped in a tunnel for a long time. It was hot and I realised that I couldn't escape anywhere. I got really scare and my heart raised and beat a hundred times quicker and I got dizzy. Finally the tube moved and I could relax. It's a horrible experience. Since that happened in a bus a few months ago I am really scared of collapsing etc. Transport, rush hour, heat and no water. It's dangerous.
Well, thanks good it's friday and weekend again. Oh me and Elena made some plans off things we have to do before I leave, it will be so nice. Now I'll carry on watching TV and cuddle my boy. Have a nice evening.

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