Monday, 5 July 2010

Sex over 50?

I just have to make a little comment quickly. I am watching The Sex education Show it's always interesting and you learn a lot about the body. They talk a lot about sex as well and the presenter asked the public what age you should stop having sex and when it starts to be disgusting. Two healthy normal youths in their 25s maybe said, You should stop having sex when you reach late 40s, then you're to old. What the F***, they are serious...they must be crazy, who stops having sex in their 50s? I mean if a little child between 5-10 years would have said that it's different but this couple where much much older!!!! I am speachless. Just had to write this.
Oh now they're interviewing elderly people about sex, hihi the little lady is saying she's having sex in her late 80s. Isn't that sweet?

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