Sunday, 4 July 2010

Russian Night

Yesterday was perfect. I couple of hours in the sun, then I headed off to Elena's house. She was waiting for me in Fairlop with her little sports car, she's so sweet - she's just like a little Cheryl Cole for me. We drove to a Russian little shop (Elena is Russian), she picked all the food we needed and then we went home. We made home made punch that we drank all night, I was the master over the BBQ and we enjoyed plenty of food and each other's company on their garden terrace. See the sun go down and talk with your best friend about everything and life is fantastic. She gave me some typical sweet things, it was the most strangest thing I have ever seen. It looked like grey shopped twigs/asfalt and dust kind of, I can't explain it, but it was sunflower with sugar and syrup. Smelled like peanut butter something, tasted exactly what it was but looked horrible. I had difficulties to swallow the pork meat in pork jelly as well, urk. It was all a lovely evening and it's always very exciting to try new things.
Hope I can upload some photos for you later.

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