Friday, 30 July 2010

Unbeliveable - and it's not a joke.

I just have to tell you these stories, listen now.

A girl at work got her phone disconnected and couldn't use it. She contacted her provider (in this case O2) to ask what the matter was. After investigation from O2:s side the lady over the phone says:
Well, you might want to listen to this as we've got the information that you are dead and no longer in life, that's why we disconnected your phone completely!!!! (obviously they got some form of database where they recieve different information)

WHAT THE H*LL???? Is this allowed to happen? I mean this absolutely incredible. What a mistake if they now where suppose to disconnect another dead persons phone. And just to hear these words: "We recieved information that you are dead" Oh, yes I am calling you from heaven now...I mean what? And I am telling you this is not a joke!! This happened.

Another thing that happened to the same girl at work just a few weeks ago. She went in to hospital to get her tonsils removed. Whilst she's there waiting they finally called her in the the room. And what happens then? Well, the doctors start to prepare her and an operation on her as RUTH!!!!! Another person, another case, another human... not her, not her tonsils! They had mixed up the journals. Can you imagine?? This even happened in a more wellknown private hospital (BUPA) not the normal lokal NHS clinic.

I couldn't believe it when I first heard it, I can't even find words to describe how utterly disgusting and horrible this is. People don't kow their jobs properly.
This is a pure example of how the British Government and society are runned.

Do you then understand how rubbish the structure & the service of the British Society is?

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