Saturday, 26 June 2010

Glad Midsommar - Happy Midsummer Day

Ohh, Happy Midsummer  to you all, yes we do celebrate today as well so I am not too late in saying this. The sun is shining, it's warm what else can you ask for this day? Well, the food, the singing, the dancing, the cake and the sea. I have to buy strawberries today though, it's a must. Hope you had a nice day yesterday.

I went to see London Gay men Chorus yesterday with some girls from work. It was nice, a colleague was attending. It was lots of laughs, snacks and some drinks, a good Friday night.

Today I have head ace and heavy belly pain, let me see if I can get some Ibuprofen and some rest and get ready for this sunny Saturday.
Bisous, Puss - I see you a bit later.

We eat this
Dance around this cross we make of flowers, leaves and twigs.
(Some people dress up in these dresses)
We bind flowers and leave in our hair
We eat lots of strawberries and cream
& we drink lots of snaps (pure alcohol with a twist) either home made or bought.

A traditional Swedish Midsummer

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