Monday, 21 June 2010

Host Host

Getting rid of the flu, usch it's not funny to talk and it's tickelish in my throat so you get cough attacks constantly. On my way home from work I thought that someone dropped white paint from any of the high buildings above,  splash splash splash...oh that's not very good I thought in the same time as I walked through the rain of white paint when I realised it was SEAGEL POO!!!!!!!! It was a lot, my suit, jacket and bag got white and I had to stay stinky on the bus home. I felt more sorry for the others around though who caught more than me, I was lucky just to get  a bit.

When I think about it know I am kind of fascinated that it doesn't happen more often, at least not to me. So lucky, can you imagine walking around and being worried about being pooed at. Well, we should be..worried I mean. These bloody birds just open up and let it go...NO MANNERS!

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