Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Big City vs Country Side/The Coast

Arrrggghhh, I might be spoiled or lucky (call it what ever you want) to be brought up by the coast. Close to pure nature, animals, fresh air, cliffs, sand beach, islands and fantastic surroundings. I'm never gonna be a "down - town - girl". It's so warm today in London and I absolutely hate it. Everything with summer in a big city is awful. Concrete and buildings everywhere, no fresh air, bloody bus or transport links, the city is boiling and crowded, you have no where to escape, there's long queues everywhere and everyone smells sweat or dirt. It's disgusting. The only thing on the plus side is a summer evening when you have a lot of choices of bars/terraces and clubs to choose between. Well, in the end it's not like a summer evening by the coast where you can easily take your bike, picnic and bottle of rose in a basket and head of to the beach or a lovely green area to see the sunset. I got furious on the bus today home, all this hit me + I wore wrong clothes - to warm clothes. I thought I'd have a nerve breakdown and explode. I almost told my neighbour in the bus off and pushed myself out of the bus when I had enough, all sweaty and with tears in my throat.
To hell with Big City Summers, Take me to a summer at home.
Grimsholmen - Falkenberg
Skrea Strand - Falkenberg
The path down to Skrea Strand - Falkenberg

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