Monday, 7 June 2010

1.5 hours pure fitness with Davina Mccall

You heard right, she was even in my living room!! 1.5 hour murder exercise with Davina Mccalls fitness dvd and I can hardly walk. I haven't been so sweat and tired in very long time, I haven't felt this shaky pain in my legs for a while like I did after this. I feel great. What a great exercise and I didn't have to spend a penny on any expensive gym card, the best thing is that you are at home. Don't worry you'll work out as hard as you would even if you're not in a gym. You get very motivated of the instructor on TV. (Thanks to Penny who let me borrow the dvd) Loved it. You work on every single muscle in your body and you can chose between different work out sessions a 20 minutes each:
Warm up
Cool down
Today I did the warm up, aerobics, legs and abdominals. I will try to alternate this dvd with my running. 
Legs on the sofa after a good meal and I am so happy and relaxed. 
Good Night

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