Monday, 27 February 2012


What does H&M mean with BIB?
Big boobs? Big bum? Big Belly? Big everywhere?
This girl is according to H&M a little bit fat, to bo honest and say it right that's what they'll call her in the fashion industry! Sickening, this is a normal healthy girl. To me she's just a proper woman even with smaller curves than me!! Only her bust makes it up to her being "big". So the clothes she's wearing is for curvy girls and need to be namned differently than other clothes and collections. As they obviously direct their collections to skeletons. Why can't all collections be made for everyone no matter what size? I understand that all shapes and forms can't fit in every cutting but at least they shouldn't be namned differently to separete size 0 from a "cury size"
It's not my meaning to offend anyone and that's not the reason why Im publishing it. We are all different shapes and forms and should stay that way and not transform ourselves into something we're not because fo media or be treated differently because of this or that. I just reacted really strongly on this and it made quite angry. A thing like this shouldn't even be discussed or mentioned as an issue. Thought it was worth sharing. To make sure the healthy curves will stay on us girls!!

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