Thursday, 18 November 2010

When the day comes to an end

I've just finished my cakes for tomorrow. I hope they taste fab. It's my day tomorrow and I am celebrating with the girls in school and bringing a cake with me.

School is going forward. we've had a quiet period and ended 2 exams last week. Both of them went really well. We are although going in to a busier period now with exams every week until christmas. We've started with the massage as well, I really enjoy it. It's so peaceful when you fall into the the rythm of the massage and the music. I've almost already learnt a full body massage, in 2 days. Imagine. So, I made and mixed my own personal massage oil today so I can practise even more.  

Tomorrow is my day as I said. We're just celebrating with dinner at home in the evening. Early Saturday morning Im off to London. It will be so nice. I am just a bit worried about the weather now, the forecast says it will be cold and a bit of snow. Please do not cancel or delay my flight. Please no.

Good Night and a big kiss to you all.

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