Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My first Skincare Products

Yesterday we made our own skincare products. One day cream and one night cream. I have to say that I was very fashinated and surprised with how easy it was to do the base of the cream, so simple. A few different oils, destilled water, a few emulgators, alcohol and boil in 2 seperate pans. (I've got the recepie but I can't really translate it in English) After we added the essential oils we wanted to have in our creams. I got very pleased with mine.

I made one day cream with pure essential oils from rose, geranium and mandarine, they suppose to have a great effect on dry skin, they are very energetic, refreshing and great for the morning.

In my other day cream (I was lucky to do 2) I added jasmin and orange. They have similar effects as the ones above and Jasmin is a pure feminine essence, an all round oil.

For my night cream I added a very calming oil called Benzoin and Lavendel which is a very powerful oil in many ways.

This might be a start on something new....?

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