Sunday, 23 October 2011

Every living thing on this earth has a heart

Ive thrown myself in bed. Im not moving. Im absolutely nackerd. I should not complain because Im doing what I want and Im glad Im working with what Im certified to do, but after 20 massages during 2 days!! Beat that ha. You are allowed to be tired and exhausted. My back is not happy with me. It would be nice with a bit more variation and mix amongst the treatments, but you got to do what the guest has paid for isn't it?! The full body armoatherapy massage is the most popular one. Im sure I'll have a day with more variation and different treatment soon and I just can't wait for the skincare training at the spa. For now Im just there as a Body spa therapist. The skincare and facial part is what I love doing the most. 
I shall now go to bed properly,
Sleep tight!

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