Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Something I wished I was better at...

                                                                                                                                                                                                               original photo from weheartit.com

... is actually drawing, illustrations.
I think I have a character and an eye for small things. I enjoy working with details, perfection, to create, scrapbooking, make up and those sort of creative things. Normally I should have (or hope I have) a little touch of aesthetic within me, even though it needs to be worked on. But when it comes to drawing, Im a disaster and Im blocking my mind, my hand is just not with me. Normally I just come up with random figures in my head like a house, a palm or santa claus. Santa claus is by the way always popping up in my mind, why?
 Just being able to take a pencil and a paper and start creating something you afterwards can discern what it is without being a mess, sounds fantastic to me. Looking at your creation knowing it's your handcraft must be such an amazing feeling.
Or, are my selfconsious ego not realising that all creations and illustrations in fact are illustrations, no matter what you create?

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