Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Music to cheer me up

When Im home alone, just want to listen to good music and cheer myself up, I often listen to reggaeton or latin music in general. It brings a broad smile to my lips, makes me happy and make me wanna dance!
3 small important things in life to keep me going.
A bright smile, being happy and dancing...
Everyone should realise how wonderful it is dancing, even though you have the feeling and rythm for it or not. Just follow the flow, the music and set yourself free without thinking. Its a lovely feeling.
So stop being shy saying you can't dance without a few drinks before and without a drink in your hand. Just do it and don't care about anything else than the instruments.
Try closing your eyes and disappear. That might aswell help you ignoring the people in the corner staring at you thinking he/she CAN dance and DARE dance. Beacuse that is what people think and nothing else.
So listen to the tune below, press that play button and get up on the floor.
Try, move and free yourself!

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