Friday, 11 March 2011

Helg - Wkd

Im not updating frequently during the week any longer. To be honest im so tired when I arrive back home from school the only thing im doing is to wash of my make up and go straight to bed. I don't have any inspiration or motivation to write. It's all so monoton. When the Friday comes im all excited for the weekend, but even more tired.
It's been a good week though. I've lifted my chin up since last Sunday as I promised and I've felt that my eyes been more bright. Had a week without treatment as I was responsible for the cleaning. Had to back up a few times with treatments anyway. Today I just felt that I love what im doing and when you feel that you get positive response from the customers it's even more appreciated. When you feel that you can relate your hours of theoretical studies with the practical job and see the customers rise their eyebrows and be all surprised when they get an answer to their question they might have been confused about for ages. Then I have to pinch myself in the arm and say to myself: "Hey, Johanna you are damn good and I know what im doing. All hard work is paying off and I have knowledge"
It is fantastic. Great start to the weekend.

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