Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Good Morning

Good Morning from my breakfast table.
Reading the paper, eating breakfast, thought of my lunch yesterday (pytt i panna) I managed to burn it whilst playing around with the computer. Well done Johanna. Is pytt i panna healthy? Why do I think so, it's just the sound of it. But im guessing it's as bad as a burger. For you who don't know what pytt i panna is, think i've mentioned it before sometime, it's left overs. Potatoes, onions, meat, sausages etc. You can make it yourself from your own left overs or you can by the alreadey made version frozen. I've got the already made frozen version. Calorie bomb X 10000.

I was about to have a productive morning and get some more work done on my final essay. But hey, I just waisted all this time this morning chillin out and now it's time for
 me to jump in the shower if I will manage to get to school on time today. Or at least catch the train on time.
Have a beautiful day.

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