Saturday, 26 February 2011

Busy Week

I've been so busy with focusing on school and the practise this week so there's been no blogging. It's been an exhausting week and after the first full day in the salon I honestly thought it was the end of my time in the school. At least the thought hit me. It was so exhausting mentally and physically. But hey, im not giving up, never. After givning it a few more days I feel more confident in the salon and with the treatments. Thank god for all my previous experiences working in stressful, timekeeping and managing situations. Thank god I know what hard work is, im really glad that I have the  experience i have. Like the principal of the school said to us yesterday. "Girls, if you find this hard, it's nothing to compare with the real world outside as a beauty therapist. One day you'll thank us for giving you this hard school."

I believe her and I know she's right, the competition is high. So I stay focused and strong.

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