Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A little update

I had a little break from the blog as I said we where busy with our move. Now it's done though and Des as got his room. It's been a turbulent 2 days I have to say but we are getting there. First night there was no heating but we managed to get a heater last night , thanks for that. We are painting the room. It will be great! When Im back here in London I don't think I want to to leave the room.

Yesterday I met up with a friend, very nice. Today we've been out looking for a bed, so lucky to find one straight away. The perfect bed for a perfect price. After, we went to an area called Angel, it's ver cosy with small shops, bars and restaurant around. It's not far from the centre. Had dinner and just a great time together. Tonight we've just been painting and painting the walls. Finally got internet up running as well. Might just watch a movie now. Im so tired. Tomorrow I'll see if I can get in to the city for a while...

Night Night

In 2 days Im back home

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