Monday, 1 November 2010

One day closer

I've done the first exam of two in anatomy today, I just say...I don't know. I just wait for the resault now.
I skipped the gym tonight, my back is hurting since yesterdays exercise class. Having a bloody head ace and I am sitting here nicely in bed this Monday evening ready to take on board my next exam in a week time  - Physic, not one of my favourites.

Dad's listening to his old CD's, you can almost think we have some sort of concert out there. Hear him whisteling to the rythm. Old days where good days.

Gosh, by the way sometimes I don't hear the difference between English and Swedish. Today a girl came up to me asking for directions. In my mind I was sure she spoke English so I started to describe the way for her. In the middle of my description I got confused over myself, does she really speak English? What am I doing? In the end of the conversation she nodded and said Thank You IN SWEDISH!!

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