Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Not long to go

Am I nervous? Not yet. I have a strange feeling in my stomach and I feel that something's gonna happen. I have prepared myself hard mentally. Not because of the move or the school, because of being separated from each other and not seeing each other every day, not as before. Not be able to turn my head around and see his face or cuddle him when I want or need. As I am such emotional person I know it will hit me when I am standing here in the hallway ready with my bags, ready to take off or when we have to let each other go from each others warm arms and chest. I am not looking forward to the flight trip all by myself. Just have to control my bubble of emotions so it doesn't burst. That's the part I have dreaded for looong time. I know myself, I will start talking with people to try think about something else than emotions or of nervousity that I will start crying. That's why I the last few weeks have tried to work on my way of thinking and making myself strong mentally. Only the other night a few tears came when we laid in bed talking about us and about the future. What is one year when you have a life time together? 

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