Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A last goodbye

My friends are calling me to say goodbye, wishing me good luck. That makes me sit here on the floor like a shaking little girl, with tears in my throat fighting them back. I try giving myself a smile instead. It's sometimes hard when you know it's the people you like. I love you all dearly. 
You know what I hate most with goodbyes? That I never know if I will ever see the person again. This is an awful thought that just breaks me. You think that people will stay in your life forever - but it's not so - every one is living their own dream. Suddenly...poooffff...people you've shared years together, even if you've just had contact sometimes, are gone and carry on with their own life. That's how it is but you're still standing there in denial. I want every person I meet in life follow me on my journey, I expect to see their faces every day for real and not just in my thoughts is this possible? Even if it was....

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